Current I-601 Waiver Processing Times

How long will it take your I-601 waiver to be processed? The answer depends on a number of factors, depending on whether the case is clearly approvable, and depending on which USCIS office is processing the case. For example, Ciudad Juarez receives nearly 75% of the I-601 waivers filed. That office follows procedures unique to Ciudad Juarez, including “referring” cases that are not clearly approvable to other offices for further processing. As a result, USCIS reports that 97% of the completed cases that were filed in Ciudad Juarez were completed in three months or less. On the other hand, 92% of the I-601s filed in Lima, Peru that have been completed were completed in 4-6 months, San Salvador completed 67% in 10-12 months, and Frankfurt, Germany completed 100% in 7-9 months.

What Does This Mean?

First, you should note that the above figures represent the I-601 cases that have been adjudicated (decision made) already. So each office may have cases that have been pending for longer than the times outlined above. Second, you should note that the amount of time it will take to process the I-601 depends on where the I-601 is filed. Therefore it is important not to rely on generalized approximations when planning on how long your spouse might be outside the U.S. while the I-601 is being processed. Finally, especially in Ciudad Juarez, how quickly the case is processed may depend on whether the case is clearly approvable. That is, if you have a strong case, lay out strong arguments, and the file is presented clearly and is well organized, the case may be approved faster. While no attorney can guarantee success on a particular case, an experienced immigration attorney can ensure that your file is well-organized, well-documented, and is the strongest case possible.

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