December Visa Bulletin: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The December visa bulletin has just been published, and it brings this news to the world of U.S. immigrants waiting for their green cards:

1. The Good: The EB-2 worldwide category remains current, and we anticipate it will stay current indefinitely (at least for the next several months). Remember, this category is for the EB-2 positions (those requiring a master's degree or equivalent, and the National Interest Waiver petitions), and for those born in any country other than China, India, Mexico, or the Philippines. In other good news, this category is also currrent for Mexico and the Philippines.

2. The Bad & The Ugly: Sadly, the dates did not progress for EB-2 for India. This priority date remains at Sept. 1, 2004, as it has since the October bulletin. What to do? Check out these strategies: and

3. The Good Again: Remember, there are options available, including strategies for "upgrading" your application to EB-2 or you may benefit from cross-chargeability (using the country of birth of your spouse for green card purposes). Further, with President Obama re-elected, the stage will be set anew for the hope of immigration reform - if not comprehensive, at least to address the shortage of visas and green cards available for professional and highly skilled workers.

Press on and live in hope! And contact Sumner Immigration Law today ( to discuss how these strategies can benefit you!