Filing an H-1B for the First Time? Have Your FEIN Verified!

One of the steps involved in the H-1B petition process is filing a labor condition application with the U.S. Department of Labor. This is done online. However, if an H-1B sponsor has not filed an H-1B petition before, the online system will not recognize the FEIN (the sponsor's tax ID number). In this case, the FEIN must be verified by the Department of Labor. This process usually takes a few business days. If your H-1B petition is being prepared by Sumner Immigration Law, we will assist with the FEIN verification process. We will need at least one of the following documents to email to the Department of Labor (we will submit as many documents as you are able to provide):

  1. IRS FEIN assignment letter (letter giving you the company federal tax ID number).
  2. Federal/state tax return with the pre-printed label or coupon (if you entered the tax ID number yourself, they won’t accept it for this purpose).
  3. Documentation from your bank with the tax ID number on it.
  4. Articles of incorporation/business license or other certification of business existence.
  5. Secretary of State/Corporation Commission registration documents for the company.
  6. Other official government documents evidencing the FEIN.

Once the information is submitted to the Department of Labor, they usually verify the number within a few business days. They often send an email to confirm that that the FEIN is verified, but not always. Therefore, we proactively check the LCA a couple of days after the documentation is submitted.

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