H-1B Cap Update: June 2017

About a month ago, we published this H-1B cap update. As of the date of today's posting, our office has started receiving the following in connection with H-1B cap filings:

  1. H-1B cap approvals
  2. H-1B cap requests for evidence (RFEs)
  3. A few H-1B cap rejections - petitions not selected in the H-1B lottery

We realize that H-1B cap results play a critical role in our clients being able to plan their immediate futures in terms of employment, what country they will live in, etc. Therefore we make every effort to notify clients of these changes in their case status the same day we receive the information.

If your case was not selected in the H-1B lottery and you need assistance planning your next steps, we are happy to assist. We offer complimentary email/brief phone consultations to existing clients, and paid consultations to new/prospective clients. We look forward to continuing to help our clients navigate the ever-challenging immigration journey!