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Posted in: February, 2012

Is my award EB-1 or NIW worthy?

One of the criteria for the EB-1 alien of extraordinary ability (EB1A) and outstanding researcher or professor (EB1B) is the receipt of a national or international award (this can also be used for the National Interest Waiver petition). What does this mean, really, and what awards really count for this purpose? The fact that you […]

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L-1 Petitions – Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What is an L-1 visa? The L-1 visa is a nonimmigrant (meaning not permanent residence/green card) visa. It is designed to facilitate the transfer of multinational employees from a company outside the US to that same company’s office in the US. There are two sub-categories within the L-1 classification: The L-1A is for multinational managers […]

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L-1 Petitions – Frequently Asked Questions for the Employee

1.       I’m in a different immigration status right now. Can I change status in to L-1 without leaving the US? You may be able to. If you are in J-1 status, you must confirm with your attorney that you are not subject to the two –year home residence requirement. If you are in B-1/B-2 status, you […]

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US Consulate in China Launches Streamlined Visa Processing!

Streamline and immigration are not two words you commonly hear in the same sentence, at least not about visa processing. However, the US consulate in China has launched a new program to expedite the processing of applications for visa renewals by waiving the interview requirements for some visa applicants.  First a few facts from the announcement […]

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Current I-601 Waiver Processing Times

How long will it take your I-601 waiver to be processed? The answer depends on a number of factors, depending on whether the case is clearly approvable, and depending on which USCIS office is processing the case. For example, Ciudad Juarez receives nearly 75% of the I-601 waivers filed. That office follows procedures unique to […]

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H-1B Petition Approved Without End Client Letter!

Wondering how to have an H-1B petition approved without an end client letter? It is possible! USCIS has recently focused on making sure that a) there is H-1B work for the H-1B employee, and that b) the employer filing the petition is the employer that will ultimately control the H-1B employee’s work. While USCIS certainly […]

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Attention Entrepreneurs – Engage with USCIS!

One of the most exciting things for me as an immigration attorney is to know that I am helping others become successful in starting and maintaining those own businesses, that will in turn create jobs, and ultimately help not only the US economy, but the global economy.  Unfortunately, finding strategies for immigration for entrepreneurs in […]

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