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Posted in: October, 2013

Tips to Avoid (or Reduce the Chances of) an EB-1 RFE

Are you thinking of filing an EB-1 petition as an alien of extraordinary ability or outstanding researcher or professor? Check out our guide for reducing the chances of a request for evidence on your EB-1A or EB-1B case. 

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Government Shutdown and Immigration: How Was My Case Affected & What Are the Next Steps?

The Sumner Immigration Law team was thrilled that the US government reopened on October 17th. While USCIS was still open, the vast majority of our filings (employment-based filings) were impacted by the government closure. Here’s what happened, the long-term effects, and how you can proactively plan for the future to reduce stress and avoid status […]

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Documents Required for H-1B Stamping

The holiday travel season is coming up soon, and people are starting to make holiday travel plans. Foreign nationals here on a nonimmigrant visa such as H-1B must also make sure their visa is valid to return to the US, on top of the other hectic details of arranging for holiday travel. The list below […]

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Visa options for the United States

We have posted here a nonimmigrant visa chart, which outlines the most commonly used temporary visa classifications for the United States including the major requirements and limitations. We hope you find this helpful. As always, please keep in mind that this is general information and cannot be relied on as legal advice. 

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Government Shutdown & Your Immigration Filing

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect My Immigration Filing? As of today, October 1, the US government is under partial shutdown. Fortunately, this does not mean that all is lost (or on hold) for US immigration filings. USCIS: USCIS is open and operating worldwide. This means that the government shutdown should not cause delays with […]

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