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Posted in: May, 2014

EADs for H-4s Coming Soon!!

For years, I have fielded calls from excited H-1B beneficiaries who say that they heard that the rules will change to allow for work permits (also called EADs, short for employment authorization documents) for H-4 spouses (dependents of H-1B beneficiaries). All these years I have had to give the bad news that H-4s are not […]

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I’ve Already Been Counted Against the H-1B Cap, So I’m Not Subject Again, Right?

Were you counted against the H-1B cap more than six years ago?  Since the H-1B cap was met so quickly this year, we are busy helping many clients and prospective clients think about alternative ways to meet their immigration goals. Some foreign nationals have already been counted again the H-1B cap, and are eager to […]

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