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Posted in: November, 2014

President Obama’s Executive Action Announcement – 11/20/2014

As you likely know, this evening President Obama announced his plan for Executive Action for immigration reform. President Obama actually gave very little detail in his address this evening; it is expected that he will outline the plan in more detail tomorrow afternoon in Las Vegas. However, the White House has released preliminary information about the […]

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No more original documents for the NVC!

The National Visa Center (NVC) has recently announced that they no longer require immigrant visa applicants to submit original civil documents. This comes as a relief for many of our clients, who were understandably nervous about submitting original documents, many of which could not be replaced, by mail (FedEx) to the NVC. It also reduces […]

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Immigration Reform Scam Alert!

There is no immigration reform or executive action right now, and no announcements of such coming up soon. Do not sign up or give money to anyone claiming to be able to prepare you for upcoming immigration changes! Now that the November elections are over, there is much chatter among immigration activists, political commentators, and […]

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