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Posted in: April, 2016

Why Is My H-1B Petition Only Approved for One Year?

Many H-1B beneficiaries are understandably confused and frustrated when their H-1B petition is approved for just one year, especially when they have three or more years left in H-1B status, or when they have an approved I-140 petition that allows them to extend the H-1B status beyond the sixth year.  Why is this?  There are […]

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H-1B Cap Receipts Update

The H-1B receipt notices have started flowing into our mailbox as of mid-week this week! As promised, we are sending the H-1B receipt notices to the employer the same day that we receive the notices.  Please note that it usually takes several weeks for USCIS to send out all H-1B cap receipt notices. If we […]

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FY 2017 H-1B Cap Lottery Completed! What’s Next for the H-1B Winners and Losers?

USCIS announced at the Spring AILA conference that the H-1B cap lottery should be completed as of April 11, 2016. As of the time of this blog post, there is no indication yet of the total number of petitions received.  USCIS officials still say premium processing for selected H-1B cap cases will start no later than […]

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How To Get A Social Security Number and Driver’s License

 The social security number and driver’s license are critical documents that will make other aspects of your life easier, such as opening a bank account, applying for a residential lease, etc. However, you must have certain documents to obtain these. The information below is relevant for foreign nationals who are applying for permanent residence by […]

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