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Posted in: June, 2017

Do You Really Need My Birth Certificate for the Green Card Application?

When a foreign national is applying for permanent residence in the US, whether through consular processing or through adjustment of status in the US, a copy (and original) of the foreign national’s birth certificate is generally required. We list this document on our document checklists, and clients often say things like: I don’t have my […]

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H-1B Cap Update: June 2017

About a month ago, we published this H-1B cap update. As of the date of today’s posting, our office has started receiving the following  in connection with H-1B cap filings:  H-1B cap approvals H-1B cap requests for evidence (RFEs) A few H-1B cap rejections – petitions not selected in the H-1B lottery We realize that […]

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Beware of Immigration Scams!

We have heard reports from clients and the immigration community at large about on-going immigration scams targeting foreign nationals in the US. These scams can take many forms. One of the more common scams involves the foreign national, often here in valid immigration status, receiving a call from someone who says they are an immigration […]

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