Clarity and Strength in Immigration Law

Posted in: July, 2018

NTA Policy On Hold — For Now

Earlier this month, we wrote about two new major policy changes with US immigration: 1) a policy memo was issued that directed USCIS to issue a Notice to Appear (NTA) when a petition or application was denied, leaving the beneficiary or applicant out of status, and 2) a memo allowing USCIS officers to flat out […]

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Double Down: New Dangers of Deportation Even for Legal Immigrants- Proceed with Great Caution

These are difficult times in the US immigration landscape, even for foreign nationals who are in the US legally. We often hear in the news about the separation of children whose parents are seeking asylum in the US, the de-naturalization task force, or processing backlogs. We hear less in the news about the new restrictionist, […]

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How Can You Avoid an H-1B RFE: Part 2 – Duration of Project and End Client Letters

Yesterday we wrote about some of the common themes in H-1B RFEs these days. Today we continue that discussion with a look at some issues that affect primarily (but not exclusively) IT professionals placed at third-party clients sites. Duration of the Project/Availability of Specialty Occupation Work Unless a person is running of time in H-1B […]

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How Can You Avoid an H-1B RFE? Part 1: Specialty Occupation RFEs

These are tough times for US immigration, and the challenges are not just limited to the border crisis. The current administration is building an invisible wall, brick by brick, to prevent even highly educated, skilled professionals from joining the US workforce, and remaining a vital part of our economy. So it would seem the short […]

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