Clarity and Strength in Immigration Law

Posted in: September, 2018

H-1B Cap Gap Ends 9/30/18 – Beware Unauthorized Employment!

Attention all employees and employers who filed an H-1B petition under the H-1B cap in April! The H-1B cap gap provisions in the regulation allow an H-1B candidate to keep working even after their OPT has expired, assuming an H-1B petition requesting change of status was timely filed while their OPT was still valid. This […]

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Heads Up! You May Be Able to File Your I-485 As of 10/1/2018!

The question of when a person can submit the I-485 to apply for a green card is one of the trickier aspects of US immigration law to understand. Since October 2015, the Department of State  has published two charts for the family-based categories, and two charts for the employment-based categories. The first chart is called […]

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