Clarity and Strength in Immigration Law

Posted in: February, 2020

How long will my case take if I use premium processing?

USCIS processing times are at a historic high, and immigration-related anxiety is too! It is understandable that people who are submitting US immigration cases would be anxious to have their case approved as soon as possible. USCIS offers a premium processing option for some types of cases, such as (but not limited to) H-1Bs, certain […]

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I’m an H-1B holder – can I change my job?

An H-1B visa petition is employer-specific. That means that if you have an H-1B petition with employer A, you are only authorized to work for that employer. However, it is possible for an H-1B holder to change jobs, by having a new employer file an  H-1B transfer petition. Even if you do not have an […]

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