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Posted in: June, 2020

USCIS Furlough: What Will Happen?

USCIS has reportedly emailed notice to thousands of USCIS employees that they may be furloughed beginning August 3, 2020. The agency says that they are facing a budget shortfall, and that if they don’t receive emergency funding of $1.2 billion from Congress, they will have to furlough up to 13,400 employees beginning in August. USCIS […]

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Spreading the Wealth: Immigration Increases Employment Rates for U.S. Workers

By Brianne Donovan, Sumner Immigration Law Clerk In light of recent immigration restrictions, we would like to remind everyone of the economic benefit (among many other benefits) that immigrants bring to the United States. Recently, the Business Roundtable created a study examining the positive economic impact that immigration creates. The report found that immigration increases: […]

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When Will USCIS Reopen? June 2020 Update

By Samantha Davis & Nikita Hernandez On June 18, 2020 USCIS held a webinar open to the public to discuss their reopening procedures and intended schedules. Please see a summary below and how it may affect your case. On March 18, USCIS temporarily suspended routine in-person services at its field offices, asylum offices and application […]

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Sumner Immigration Law is an organization that is dedicated to anti-racism

We recognize that Black people in the U.S. have suffered from systemic racism, oppression, injustice, inequality, and violence for over 400 years. This racism and oppression are woven into the fabric of our country. We recognize that even though we may not mean to participate in the furtherance of these injustices, we do so inadvertently […]

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Temporary Suspension of H, L, and J Visas – What You Need to Know

On April 22, 2020, Donald Trump issued a proclamation that restricts the entry of certain type of immigrants (foreign nationals entering the US as legal permanent residents of the US). Late on June 22, 2020, Mr. Trump issued an update on that proclamation, which extends and expands the proclamation. What does this mean? This means […]

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H-1B Litigation Updates – Spring 2020

By Samantha Davis, Immigration Lawyer in Richmond, VA The H-1B petition requirements have undergone a transformation in the last few years. Along with the implementation of new or additional requirements, the government’s application of existing requirements have changed. This shift in adjudicating H-1B petitions has led to inconsistent decisions and a concern regarding the legal […]

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