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H-1B Lottery Update – 3:30 pm 4/8/2013

USCIS has just released a press release announcing that they already conducted the lottery on April 7th for both the US master’s and regular cap cases. They also announced that they received approximately 124,000 H-1B petitions for the cap for FY 2014 (for US master’s and regular together). 


For Sumner Immigration Law clients: Please note that we will *not* have immediate feedback from USCIS as to whether your case was accepted or not. It could be a couple of weeks before we start to receive receipt notices and/or returned cases. We will notify your employer *as soon as* we have any information on your specific case. We realize that this is tremendously important to you and has a huge impact on your life. We will therefore continue to work diligently to keep you updated!