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September 2013 Visa Bulletin: What’s Happening Now, and Visa Bulletin Predictions

The September 2013 visa bulletin has been published, and it brings more good news for lots of people. More specifically:

–          The F2A category (for spouses and minor, unmarried children of permanent residents) is still current for all categories!

–          The EB-2/India category has not just stayed the same, but it actually has advanced to June 15th, 2008

–          The EB-3/India category has advanced to September 22, 2003 and other EB-3 categories have also advanced

Action Steps to Take Now To Expedite Your Case:

–          If your priority date is current per the September visa bulletin, start preparing your I-485 case to file now. Remember, if your priority date is not current until September, do not file until September 1.

–          If you are a permanent resident and you are thinking of filing for a spouse or unmarried, minor child, you may still file in September, even if you were not able to file in August. That is, the dates will still be current in September, so you still have a chance.

–          If your I-485 has already been filed and is pending with USCIS, make sure that you or your attorney contacts USCIS to remind them the priority date is current. The Service Centers have a specific process for attorneys to notify them about current priority dates for employment-based cases.

Visa Bulletin Predictions

It is expected that a cut-off date will be imposed in October for the F2A category (spouses and children of permanent residents). That is, the priority dates may not be current in October (and beyond) for this category. That means that you must file now, before the end of September.

It is also expected that there will not be much if any forward-movement of the employment-based priority dates in the next couple of months. Therefore, if your date is current, make sure you take advantage and file now if you have not already.

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