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Do You Really Need My Birth Certificate for the Green Card Application?

When a foreign national is applying for permanent residence in the US, whether through consular processing or through adjustment of status in the US, a copy (and original) of the foreign national’s birth certificate is generally required. We list this document on our document checklists, and clients often say things like: I don’t have my […]

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Social Media & Immigration: Harmful or Helpful?

In the aftermath of the San Bernardino shooting a few months ago, amid questions surrounding the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) visa screening process, a number of news sources published articles discussing DHS’ “secret” policy prohibiting review of visa applicants’ social media footprint. Many of those articles discuss whether or not analysts and adjudicators at […]

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Twelve Ways to Prepare for Reform Even if You are “Legal”

Immigration Reform – and Government Slowdowns – Ahead! START NOW TO AVOID THE DELAYS! Immigration reform is coming! No one knows for sure what form it will take, but one thing is for sure – it will drastically increase the workload of the US immigration agencies. New filings and new regulations are certain to increase processing times […]

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Traveling Over the Holidays? Five Tips for Stress-Less Visa Stamping

With the upcoming holiday season, many foreign nationals are making plans to visit home over the holidays. While we can’t do anything about stress created by long airport lines or visiting the in-laws, we offer the following tips to reduce visa stamping stress: Make sure you travel with the documents you will need for the […]

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US Consulate in China Launches Streamlined Visa Processing!

Streamline and immigration are not two words you commonly hear in the same sentence, at least not about visa processing. However, the US consulate in China has launched a new program to expedite the processing of applications for visa renewals by waiving the interview requirements for some visa applicants.  First a few facts from the announcement […]

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