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Surviving and Thriving Through the H-1B Cap Lottery Loser Blues: 15 H-1B Alternatives

By Brianne Donovan USCIS has conducted the H-1B cap lottery and by this time, the H-1B cap “winners” (those whose registration was selected) have been notified. If your H-1B registration was not selected in the lottery, the online portal will still say “submitted.” The system will not change to say “denied” or “not selected” until […]

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Why is My H-4 Application Taking So Long?

In March, 2019, USCIS announced that H-4 applications will require that all applicants be fingerprinted as part of the application process. With this change, USCIS has also changed the I-539 form used for the H-4 application, has added a new form, form I-539A for dependents included on the application to sign, and requires an $85 […]

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Big Changes for H-4 Filings (and Other I-539 Filings)

USCIS has recently announced that a new Form I-539 will be available on March 11th. This is the form used to apply for an extension of status for H-4 and L-2, and to change status to these and other classifications. The major changes with the new form are as follows: A signature will be required […]

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H-1Bs and H-4 EADs Under Trump: What’s Fact, What’s Fiction, and What’s Coming?

The past year or so has brought plenty of changes for those of us living in the employment-based immigration world. One year ago this April, the Trump administration published the Buy American, Hire American executive order. As immigration attorneys who practice employment-based immigration law, we have seen numerous changes in the way petitions are adjudicated […]

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H-4 EAD Update: The End is Further Away Than We Thought

It has long been rumored that the Trump administration would issue regulations to eliminate the H-4 EAD provisions. In fact, earlier this year, we thought that the proposed rules would be issued at any time. However, the Department of Homeland Security has recently confirmed through a filing in connection with the lawsuit Save Jobs USA v. […]

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H-4 EADs: The end of the road?

We have fielded lots of calls and emails in recent weeks from clients panicked that the Trump administration will take away H-4 EADs. It is entirely possible that this would happen, but if it does, it will not happen overnight. The H-4 EADs came into being through a change in the regulations. This means that […]

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EADs for H-4 Dependents: Latest News and Tips!

When we were first able to file EADs for H-4 dependents starting in May 2015, many applicants had a lot of questions that we did not necessarily have answers for since the regulation was brand new. Three months in, we have a little more information about what to expect in terms of processing timelines. Below […]

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H-4 EADs: Coming Soon to a Household Near You!

At long last, USCIS has issued final regulations that will allow H-4 dependent spouses of H-1B visa holders to apply for work authorization (also known as a work permit or employment authorization document). At this point USCIS has not yet issued an FAQ – further guidance is expected the end of April or beginning of […]

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