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I-140 Letters of Experience: A Formula for Success

In this tough immigration environment, we’re seeing an increase in the number of RFEs (requests for additional evidence) from USCIS, and USCIS is increasingly strict in their adjudications of immigration petitions and applications. As with any filing, the key to reducing the chance of an RFE is to make sure your petition is well-documented and […]

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Visa Bulletin Predictions for February 2014 and Beyond

The January 2014 visa bulletin was published this week. Sadly, it did not bring glad tidings of great joy, especially for India/EB-2. The Department of State’s Visa Office has recently provided the following information on recent demand in the employment-based immigrant visa categories: There has been unprecedented demand for the India/EB-2 category, which explains the […]

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December 2013 Visa Bulletin: China and the EB-2/EB-3 Categories – Is a Downgrade Possible?

The December visa bulletin shows that the priority date for China EB-2 is 11/8/2008, while the priority date for China EB-3 is 10/1/2011 – almost three years ahead! This is an unusual circumstance. Most of the time the EB-2 classification is a faster classification, in the sense that the priority date is usually later than […]

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Thinking of Filing for a Fast-Track Green Card? Strategies for the Visa Bulletin Blues

It is old news by now that the June visa bulletin shows that the EB-2 category for China & India show “U” for unavailable. This means that no one born in India and China can file in the EB-2 category (unless you qualify for cross-chargeability; see last week’s post). The Department of State reports that […]

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What is a priority date?

In most cases, there are three major factors that determine how soon an applicant for permanent residence status will receive the green card: The country he/she was born in. The family-based or employment-based category (see below). The priority date. There are a limited number of family-based and employment-based immigrant visas (green cards) available each year. […]

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