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Receipt Notices for Green Cards: The I-751 Receipt Notice vs. The I-90 Receipt Notice

The question of the differences in the types of receipt notices for green card “renewals” is not exactly a riveting topic, but when it comes time to use that receipt notice for documentation of work authorization or to travel and re-enter the US, the type of receipt notice you have matters and is a hot […]

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I-751 Conditional Residence Processing Delays, Receipt Delays, and a Solution?

USCIS has traditionally taken a long time to process the I-751 petitions to remove the conditions on a marriage-based green card — we typically tell clients it will take around a year if everything goes as expected. However, in this current presidential administration, almost everything immigration-related is taking longer, and this includes I-751 processing. When […]

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Conditional Residence: How to Remove the Conditions of a Marriage-Based Green Card

What is Conditional Residence? When a US citizen spouse or permanent resident petitions for a green card for their foreign national spouse and the couple has been married for less than two years as of the time the residency is approved, USCIS will grant conditional residence. When a person has conditional residence, the green card […]

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