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Immigration Reform Scam Alert!

There is no immigration reform or executive action right now, and no announcements of such coming up soon. Do not sign up or give money to anyone claiming to be able to prepare you for upcoming immigration changes! Now that the November elections are over, there is much chatter among immigration activists, political commentators, and […]

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Senate Passes Historic Immigration Reform Bill: What’s the Next Step?

On Thursday June 27th, the US Senate passed its comprehensive immigration reform bill. However, keep in mind that there is no change in immigration law as a result of this vote. While it is an important first step, and greatly increases the chances that immigration reform will pass this year, it is only the first […]

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Is There a Timeline for Immigration Reform?

Since the beginning of the year, the air has been buzzing with prospects of comprehensive immigration reform. Remember, there are no changes in the law yet, but things seem to be moving along in Congress, at least on the Senate side. Here is the latest: This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on the Senate […]

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