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Government Shutdown and Immigration: How Was My Case Affected & What Are the Next Steps?

The Sumner Immigration Law team was thrilled that the US government reopened on October 17th. While USCIS was still open, the vast majority of our filings (employment-based filings) were impacted by the government closure. Here’s what happened, the long-term effects, and how you can proactively plan for the future to reduce stress and avoid status […]

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How Soon Will You Get a Green Card? Reading the Crystal Ball of Labor Certification Processing Statstics

The US Department of Labor just posted their recent PERM Labor Certification processing statistics. While most people may find this kind of information good for curing insomnia, this information is also indicative of larger processing trends that affect how soon you will meet your professional and personal goals, by obtaining permanent residence status in the […]

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Department of Labor Confirms University Professors and Instructors Require Prevailing Wage Determinations

The DOL has recently posted a “FAQ” to clarify that university professors and instructors using the “special handling” option for the PERM labor certification must still obtain a prevailing wage determination before filing the PERM application. Not sure what this means? Well, in general, if a person is trying to obtain permanent residence (a “green […]

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