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What to Expect When Placing a Service Request with USCIS

We carefully monitor the status of the cases that we have filed with USCIS for our clients. Occasionally, if a case is not proceeding as expected or we encounter another issue that needs to be addressed by USCIS, we may find it necessary to place a Service Request. USCIS allows the following reasons for Service […]

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Why Does the Online USCIS Case Status Say That?

We frequently receive emails from clients who have checked the USCIS online case status of their pending case and the status shows something unusual, such as the date of birth has been updated, the address has been changed, etc. Other times, the case status simply is not updated at all. We certainly understand that this […]

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Social Media & Immigration: Harmful or Helpful?

In the aftermath of the San Bernardino shooting a few months ago, amid questions surrounding the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) visa screening process, a number of news sources published articles discussing DHS’ “secret” policy prohibiting review of visa applicants’ social media footprint. Many of those articles discuss whether or not analysts and adjudicators at […]

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Government Shutdown & Your Immigration Filing

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect My Immigration Filing? As of today, October 1, the US government is under partial shutdown. Fortunately, this does not mean that all is lost (or on hold) for US immigration filings. USCIS: USCIS is open and operating worldwide. This means that the government shutdown should not cause delays with […]

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