Lost in Detention to Air on PBS on 10/18/2011

PBS's Frontline series will air a film called "Lost in Detention" on Tues, Oct 18th (check your local listing for the specific time). The PBS website says this about the film:

"Cecilia Muñoz, Obama’s top adviser on immigration issues, spoke with FRONTLINE correspondent Maria Hinojosa for our upcoming film Lost in Detention, and explained why the administration plans to keep detaining and deporting record numbers of illegal immigrants."

PBS also states that the film will feature one family directly impacted by Secure Communities, as well as report on the Obama administration's immigration-related policies, and how the immigration issue may affect the 2012 presidential elections.

This looks like it may be an interesting film that may highlight specific immigration issues that I (and maybe you?) have not yet considered. While Sumner Immigration Law does not support or endorse any of the views put forth in the program, I do encourage citizens of the global community to keep open minds, and learn all they can about what is happening, engage in healthy and open dialogue, and form your own opinions about the key issues so that you can take action accordingly.

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