November is here! Have you done these things to prepare?

November is upon us! Have you done the following things to make sure your immigration ducks are in a row?

1. The last days for filing for the diversity visa lottery are upon us! File your application now to avoid last-minute computer glitches, and secure your chance to win a green card (if you meet the requirements).

2. Do you or your employees need to file an H-1B petition? As of November 1, 2011, USCIS reports that they have received 49,200 H-1B petitions for the FY 2012 H-1B cap, and 20,000 petitions for the US master's degree cap. If you need to file a petition, be sure to get yours in immediately!

3. Have you checked the November visa bulletin? The dates have advanced for certain categories, so be certain to check to see if your priority date is current. Priority date not current? Contact Sumner Immigration law to see if you could make your priority date current.

Happy November!

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