P-3 Visa for Culturally Unique Artists and Entertainers

Athletes & Performing Artists

The P-3 classification is designated for artists, entertainers, or entertainment groups who will “perform, teach, or coach under a commercial or noncommercial program that is culturally unique.” Culturally unique means a style or method that is unique to a particular country, ethnicity, religion, tribe, etc. It’s important to show that by teaching, coaching, or performing in the culturally unique program, the P-3 beneficiary will further the understanding or development of the art form.

What are the requirements for the P-3?

Each case is unique, so you must consult with a qualified attorney before proceeding. However, generally speaking, a strong P-3 petition would include the following:

  1. Documentation showing how each prong of the regulatory requirements are met (the attorney will assist with this).
  2. Affidavits or letters from recognized experts in the field attesting to the beneficiary’s credentials and experience. These letters cannot be just a summary statement, but rather must be detailed and include reference to how the person writing the letter knows about the beneficiary’s skill.
  3. Documentation that the beneficiary’s performance is culturally unique, using reviews or articles from newspapers, journals, or other published materials.
  4. Copy of employment agreement between the sponsoring organization and the beneficiary. This employment agreement should include:
    1. Detailed job description (if this is not included in the employment agreement, it should be included separately)
    2. Itinerary for services to be provided including specific dates and times, if available
    3. Salary/remuneration
  5. Advisory opinion from labor organization
    1. The statement must be from a labor organization with expertise in the specific field;
    2. It must give information about the nature of the work to be performed and the beneficiary’s qualifications;
    3. It must be on official letterhead and signed by an official of the labor organization.

What is the P-3 Visa Application Process Like?

  1. First, the sponsor (US employer) must file a P-3 petition with USCIS with the required supporting documentation.
  2. The petition is typically adjudicated quickly (within a few weeks). USCIS will approve the petition, deny it, or issue a Request for Evidence (RFE).
  3. Once the petition is approved, the P-3 beneficiary can then apply for the P-3 visa at the U.S. embassy in his/her home country. At this time, accompanying family members may also apply for a dependent visa to accompany the P-3 to the US.

The P-3 classification is for a temporary duration of up to one year and may be extended thereafter for a similar period of time.

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