Priority Date Current per September Visa Bulletin? USCIS says go ahead & file!

In my Friday Fun Facts, I noted that U.S. Department of State recently notified USCIS that all employment-based visa numbers have been used for the 2011 fiscal year, meaning that no more employment-based permanent resident (green card) applications would be issued until October 1. Despite this announcement, USCIS has confirmed that it will continue to accept I-485 applications for permanent residence if the priority date is current per the September 2011 visa bulletin.

Therefore, if your employment-based priority date is current for September 2011, according to USCIS’s announcement, you can go ahead and file the application package. If your date is not current according to the September visa bulletin, be sure to check October’s visa bulletin. If your date is current in October 2011, you cannot file your package until October 1, 2011. However, you can begin preparing the package now.

Did you know that Sumner Immigration Law can assist with your I-485 filing? That’s right folks, even if you filed your labor certification and/or I-140 petition through another attorney, we can help make your final step to permanent residence streamlined and clear.

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Not sure what a priority date is? Check back tomorrow for all the details!

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