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Covid & Consular Post Updates: K-1s, Immigrant Visa Interviews, and USCIS Interviews

Many of our clients have been patiently waiting for their interviews at the US consulate overseas or with USCIS to be rescheduled following agency closures due to the Covid pandemic. Unfortunately, many of our clients, and other applicants, are still… Read More
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USCIS Filing Fee Changes, Premium Processing Timeline Changes, New Forms, and More!

On Monday, August 3rd, USCIS will publish the final rule (regulation) outlining the filing fee changes, and other changes, that will become effective October 2, 2020. Why is USCIS Changing the Filing Fees? USCIS reviews and sometimes changes the fili… Read More
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Presidential Proclamation Suspending the Entry of Certain Immigrants into the US: What You Should Know

By Samantha Davis, Richmond Immigration Lawyer On April 22, 2020 Donald Trump signed a proclamation suspending and limiting the entry of certain immigrants into the United States. The order became effective at 11:59pm EST April 23, 2020 and will last… Read More
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A Pause on the Public Charge Rule

By Samantha Davis, Richmond Immigration Lawyer On Monday, August 12, 2019, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a final rule amending “public charge” regulations. The new public charge rule redefines whether a visa applicant s… Read More
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Can I Enter the US to Get Married?

Here at Sumner Immigration Law, we love helping clients with family-based immigration cases! It’s so rewarding to help families come up with and execute an immigration strategy to help them meet their personal, family, and professional goals. O… Read More
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Visa Bulletin Predictions: November 2018 and Beyond!

Each month a representative from the American Immigration Lawyers Association meets with Charlie Oppenheim, the man behind the visa bulletin curtain, to get a sense of how the priority dates may advance (or not!) in the coming months. In October̵… Read More
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Heads Up! You May Be Able to File Your I-485 As of 10/1/2018!

The question of when a person can submit the I-485 to apply for a green card is one of the trickier aspects of US immigration law to understand. Since October 2015, the Department of State has published two charts for the family-based categories, and… Read More
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Double Down: New Dangers of Deportation Even for Legal Immigrants- Proceed with Great Caution

These are difficult times in the US immigration landscape, even for foreign nationals who are in the US legally. We often hear in the news about the separation of children whose parents are seeking asylum in the US, the de-naturalization task force,… Read More
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Form I-485: Latest Victim of USCIS Form Changes

USCIS has a habit of making sweet and short forms much longer and more complicated. This is not to say that just because a form is short, it’s less complex. If you have dealt with US immigration before, you know that completing the forms correc… Read More
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Visa Bulletin Predictions - June 2017 and Beyond

The man behind the visa bulletin, Charlie Oppenheim, has recently shared some of his predictions and insights into the visa bulletin with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). The highlights include: EB-1 and EB-2 Worldwide: There has… Read More
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USCIS and the US Department of State often require original documents or certified copies of certain documents for immigration processing. The specific documents you need depend on what you are applying for and where. Many clients ask what it means t… Read More
If you are a foreign national in the United States, keep your identification documents current! It may be okay for your visa to expire (depending on your situation), but make sure you have a valid passport and/or other valid government ID with your p… Read More
Employment-based priority dates are advancing quickly with the June and July 2021 visa bulletin. We expect that to continue in the coming months, though no one can predict precisely how quickly priority dates will advance. Be ready to file as soon as… Read More

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“I have worked with a lot of immigration attorneys in the past for various needs for family and friends. I have not had to find a new attorney since I got in touch with Emily. I have known her since her early days as an attorney and she was the best o… Read More"
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“My Green Card got approved! Thank you very much for your help, I highly appreciate it! The way you have executed the filing procedure was simply perfect, from filing labor to GC approval, your documentation and communication with me was the best. I w… Read More"
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