I have worked with a lot of immigration attorneys in the past for various needs for family and friends. I have not had to find a new attorney since I got in touch with Emily. I have known her since her early days as an attorney and she was the best one at her job in that office. It was only natural that with continued success with DHS and USCIS, and recommendations from all her clients, that she started her own firm. The best part of it is that she is even more accessible now and with her expertise in the immigration field, she is able to help out quicker than ever.

She worked with me and helped customize my solution to my issues ( as all of you know, immigration rules are the same, but each situation is different). She is very approachable and quick to follow up. You can rely on her advice and she will do everything within the rules of the law to help you succeed.

Apart from being good with what she does, she is a good human being and a delight to deal with.

I wish her all the success in helping others figure out this complex immigration system.

– Derek M.

My Green Card got approved! Thank you very much for your help, I highly appreciate it!

The way you have executed the filing procedure was simply perfect, from filing labor to GC approval, your documentation and communication with me was the best. I would specifically like to thank all the personnel from your firm for their very professional and friendly attitude. It was a pleasure having business with you. I will provide my highest recommendation towards your firm among my colleagues and friends. Thank you once again for your help and understanding during such an important process of immigration/naturalization.

– Kishore

After working with Emily I found out Emily is extremly responsive and she truly understands importance of the immigration. Just to give an example, if there any simple question I have, if I drop her an e-mail usually I will get the response within the same hour.

– Sharief

As a client, I have known Ms. Sumner from her immigration seminar at my university at last year. At that time, literally I had no idea or direct for what I have to do to obtain regal status to stay in US, as an Asian single professional woman. However, she helped me to obtain my green card with her professional work and dedication. One of the most impressive her abilities is that she always showed a positive attitude throughout all the process. And I felt extremely at ease working with her at all times, so I can have my life without too much concern and frustration in the long process.

I got my green card actually in my hand in last week (less than 10 months working with her). When I found the official U.S. government envelop including my green card in my mail box, it was one of most relief and happiest moment of my life in US. :D

Thank you so much Emily for all her hard work and positive thinking to help to obtain my green card to legally live in US. Without her it would never have happened.

Great appreciation to her again from the bottom of my hearts....

– Yun

When I contacted Sumner Immigration, I knew that I had only one chance to find a good lawyer to take care of my case. I had just had a terrible experience with other immigration lawyers, and what I urgently needed was a legal professional who was competent and really willing to fight for the success of my application. What’s more, I needed to find a lawyer who was intelligent, able to understand and handle the complexities of a case, and who would not shrink from a challenge. Not only did Emily Sumner and her team met all of my expectations and needs, but they went far beyond them. My case was a difficult one and it was unnecessarily complicated by miscommunication and misdirection given by other lawyers. In contrast, from the beginning, Emily Sumner was attentive and straightforward, and willing to work with me every step of the way. If I had experienced bad communication before, Sumner Immigration excelled in answering all my questions and giving honest and precise directions; if I had seen a lack of legal strategy and disorganization from my previous lawyers, Emily and her team conducted my case in an orderly fashion and with a clear strategy in mind. Last, but not least, Emily Sumner really understands that immigration cases are not just a set of forms to be filled and checks to be signed, but that they are a fundamental piece of the life of real people who are doing their best to come to America and live under the law of the land.

– Alessandro C.

The service received by Emily Sumner and Nikita, was professional while remaining friendly. Emily was confident all the way and had empathy with us, which manifested in her answers to all the strange questions we asked. We looked forward to our meetings with her and the continual feedback helped us through the months of waiting.
It was a pleasure to be under the wing of Sumner Immigration and I highly recommend them to anyone going through the same procedure.
Hooray - we are now the proud holders of our Green Cards thanks to Sumner Immigration!

Sumner Immigration was to put it simply, amazing. Like many, my wife and I had been so little informed about how to help our situation with the immigration process. When we made the initial call to the firm, Mrs. Sumner had set us in the right direction. They made the process from telling us exactly what we needed to have in order, to completing and filing our paperwork, to answering any questions we had to seem too easy. The immediate feedback they provide when we had a question was the most appreciated. We highly recommend this firm!

I have been with Sumner Immigration since 2017. They have been very professional, helpful and exceeded all of my expectations. Nikita and Emily have helped our family throughout the whole process and through their explanations and careful guidance, they have helped lower our stress and anxiety regarding much of the immigration process. In Covid times, many things were unsure, especially the outcomes of immigration policies and legislation. And by sensing this distress in the current environment, Nikita and Emily made sure to schedule frequent zoom meetings, seminars, updates their blogs regarding current and relevant immigration policies; and they have made sure to communicate with their clients regarding any movement immigration legislation that will affect them and their paperwork.

From the very beginning, Sumner Immigration has communicated to their client the realistic timeline expectations in the filing process and they will make their best recommendations to expedite the process. By communicating these realistic expectations in the immigration process, it has allowed my family to better plan our course of actions.

Sumner Immigration will not shy away to answer your questions and concerns, and they will make the complicated immigration process bearable and easier to manage. And believe me, gathering the paperwork, documents, and information is a complicated and tedious process that will require support from experienced veterans in the field.

Needless to say, I have been very satisfied with their work and I will be using their service to get help with my naturalization process! I assure you, if you have any concerns and questions, I recommend you reach out to Sumner Immigration to begin your immigration process.

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Emily beginning in October of 2018. She and her team submitted an adjustment of status request for permanent residence and a couple of other forms for my husband. What we really liked about her practice is the attention to detail and organization they work with. She met with us a few times before submitting everything and gave us guidance on what to expect in the coming months during the process. That was very helpful. They really do strive to submit everything that is required for the process at once to avoid any unnecessary delays and because of that everything with my husband’s case proceeded quickly. We had our joint interview in July 2019 and Emily met with us and helped us prepare for the interview. Although the immigration officer that did our interview told us that we would receive an answer on their decision within a month after the interview, they started to fall behind. Emily and her team were always available to answer any questions we had during the months we were just waiting for their decision and even inquired with them on our behalf. My husband received his green card in early December of 2019 (about 14 months after we submitted paperwork). We are glad we found her office and recommend her 100%.

I have no idea how had I been able to go through the Green Card process without Emily and Nikita. They are so responsive, explain complicated concepts very well, and make you feel calm during a very stressful process. They take care of their clients and check on you to make sure that everything is in order if they have not heard from you in a while. The process of getting a Green Card has gone longer and longer, hence, there are a lot of things to keep in mind during it, especially when you travel. They always answered any questions I had very promptly. I highly recommend Sumner Immigration Law to everyone applying for a Green Card. It's such a great value for a smooth process and peace of mind. I also enjoy being on their email list. They send out relevant information regarding changes to immigration policy and even had a webinar on COVID-19 and its impact on immigration issues.

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. When I hire a law firm first and foremost what I am looking for is peace of mind. That’s what I got from Emily Summer and her team. I first used their services after some rather bad experience with my company’s law preferred law firm. One of my colleagues recommended Emily and from the first phone call itself, I had peace of mind. Her in-depth knowledge of the immigration law is up to date with the latest changes, upfront counsel and really knowledgeable and helpful staff made my Green Card process a breeze. We received our Green Card in a record 8 months from start to finish. 5 years later she was the first one we called for our citizenship. I know we could have filed it ourselves but I always look for peace of mind when it comes to immigration and that’s what I get with Summer Immigration Law. We are proud U.S. citizens today and Emily Summer and her team have played a huge role in that. We highly recommend them to everyone.

Seven stars rating to Emily and Team! When you hire them, be assured you have a rock solid team representing you who would treat your case as their own. I have met Emily and Nikita personally and was moved by the level of detail and effort they put into your case, with such professionalism and knowledge and being so much approachable they are (great) to go with.

I approached them regarding an I-130 application to bring my wife to the United States. My case was not a typical case because I had no income and no tax returns to sponsor my wife, neither did I had anyone to co-sponsor. Emily and the team handled my case very meticulously, were always a step ahead on my case, and followed up even when I forgot. They got my case approved based on the qualification of assets I had in the United States. My wife is now in the United States with me and we could never be much happier and thankful to Emily and Team.

Their representation fee is very reasonable, you get full value for your money. Sumner Immigration is a place that you can trust and depend upon for all your immigration needs. I highly recommend them and look forward to work with them again in the future.

We cannot praise Sumner Immigration Law highly enough! Emily and her team shepherded us through the process of obtaining a family-based green card (I-130/I-485 adjustment of status). Highly knowledgeable, very kind and friendly, and super responsive, these folks are experts at what they do. From paperwork to interview prep to answering anxious emails and phone calls, we felt at ease during the entire process.

For something as delicate and important as an immigration-related matter, you want a partner by your side who understands the intricacies of the process and can navigate them skillfully. Emily Sumner is that partner. We were referred to her by two friends, and in turn, we have recommended her to friends, and we plan to retain her again in the future.

My husband and I selected Emily Sumner to represent for a marriage-based green card in September 2017. I got married while I was on a tourist visa and didn't know what to do. This was when I did some research and came across Sumner Immigration Law.
Ms. Emily Sumner and her team especially Nikita went above and beyond with answering questions at any time and being as specific as they can with everything I needed.
She has amazing service, very respectful and understanding! She and her professional staff members handled our case and we were more than satisfied. Emily was committed to resolving our case in a timely fashion, I do not have the words to thank her for the time, commitment, and perseverance.
She helped to prepare us for everything at our joint interview with the USICS officer without any complications. The whole process and experience were excellent.

Thanks to her my permanent residence was approved within 6 months of filing the case and I have already received my Green Card.

I would VERY HIGHLY recommend her and her team. Thanks. S.M

I'm very thankful for Emily and Team. As part of my Green Card filling it was very crucial for me to get the PERM and I-140 approved. Sumner Immigration Law very stringent in processing the applications checked all the docs and forms without having any issues. They have a good tracking system.

They listen to you carefully and give suggestions and educate you about the options.
I used to ask a number of questions, they get clarified all of them and very prompt in responding to the emails. I'm especially very much thankful to Emily.

You know one thing I thought that I will give "FIVE-Star" rating when I looked at the existing ratings everyone had given the five-star rating, this itself shows that how much dedicated towards their work what they do.

Many of you might be looking for a good attorney for various immigration issues I would recommend "Sumner Immigration Law" without any hesitation. They will do everything possible for you.

After going through reviews in Yelp and Google of different Immigration Attorneys, I found Sumner Immigration Law through reviews in Google and I'm pleased to say that they were right! My initial consultation (for a fee) was very positive. Emily talked me through all the steps and approximate timeline for the I-130 Petition filing for my wife who was in Nepal and answered all the questions unique to my situation. I decided to use Sumner Immigration Law for the whole process following that meeting and I can say now I made the right decision as everything got approved within 6 months and finally my spouse is here with me.
Emily and Nikita helped us realize our dream. I would recommend them to ANYONE that is looking for a solid dependable immigration attorney in Richmond, Va. They will do their very best for you, but they will not leave you with false hopes and promises that can't be fulfilled which sadly is the experience that so many of us have when dealing with immigration.
Thanks guys!

My husband and I met Emily on June 16th, 2014 for consultation because I had a J1 Visa expiring in January 2015. Emily was very sincere and straightforward concerning our options and she told us exactly what to expect. We decided to start the marriage-based I-130 and I-485 application. She gave us all the information as well as a list of documents we needed to send to her office for them to fill the corresponding USCIS forms. Emily and her team replied promptly to all our questions and concerns. All phone calls and emails were promptly returned even at non-working hours and holidays!! We had meetings at her office for her to coach us before important events like the fingerprint appointment and the interview with the immigration officers. She was there for us during the process. I received my Green Card on March 30th, 2015, and I must say it should have come a long time before that but because of personal situations, my husband and I were not able to provide earlier all the documents to Emily. She was all the time pendant of us and offering us her advice and help to successfully complete this process. For me is very important to say to my fellow immigrants that going through this immigration process has to be taken seriously and it is worth getting a professional, responsible, experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy and for me personally, genuinely caring and committed attorney, and that's exactly what Emily is. She loves what she does and that makes the difference.
I'm very glad we found her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone with immigration issues. For my future immigration issues for sure, I will hire her again.