I have worked with a lot of immigration attorneys in the past for various needs for family and friends. I have not had to find a new attorney since I got in touch with Emily. I have known her since her early days as an attorney and she was the best one at her job in that office. It was only natural that with continued success with DHS and USCIS, and recommendations from all her clients, that she started her own firm. The best part of it is that she is even more accessible now and with her expertise in the immigration field, she is able to help out quicker than ever.

She worked with me and helped customize my solution to my issues ( as all of you know, immigration rules are the same, but each situation is different). She is very approachable and quick to follow up. You can rely on her advice and she will do everything within the rules of the law to help you succeed.

Apart from being good with what she does, she is a good human being and a delight to deal with.

I wish her all the success in helping others figure out this complex immigration system.

– Derek M.

I have engaged Ms. Sumner to assist me in obtaining an immigrant petition (permanent resident status). This has been fulfilled successfully (July 2011 - Oct 2012) with receiving my green card one week ago. Ms. Sumner's work during this time has been excellent (100% satisfactory). Not only has she been able to answer all my questions and concerns, but also has she been responding to my E-mails without any delays (immediately). Further, Ms. Sumner has kept me perfectly updated and informed throughout my green card process.

– Immigration Client

My Green Card got approved! Thank you very much for your help, I highly appreciate it!

The way you have executed the filing procedure was simply perfect, from filing labor to GC approval, your documentation and communication with me was the best. I would specifically like to thank all the personnel from your firm for their very professional and friendly attitude. It was a pleasure having business with you. I will provide my highest recommendation towards your firm among my colleagues and friends. Thank you once again for your help and understanding during such an important process of immigration/naturalization.

– Kishore

After working with Emily I found out Emily is extremly responsive and she truly understands importance of the immigration. Just to give an example, if there any simple question I have, if I drop her an e-mail usually I will get the response within the same hour.

– Sharief

Emily Sumner helped me with my Green Card process and I would say she is the best. She has a very good understanding of the immigration matters, given a problem she gives a detailed explanation of different solutions. The best part with her is she responds to our emails within a day. If someone is looking for an Immigration attorney I would strongly recommend using Emily Sumner immigration services.

– Sridhar

Emily Sumner has been my legal counsel since 2006 when she handled a somewhat complicated turn of events related to my change of status from HOB-J1. This was a matter in which we had hours to act rather than days, in order for me to avoid having to leave and reenter the country and Emily's competence and professionalism saved the day for me something that I remember to this day. Emily ensured that my application material was prepared and dispatched the very same day which was no mean task considering it was a late on a Friday afternoon about one hour before closing. She clearly knew her trade well and was acutely aware of my needs and urgency/time lines involved even before I had a chance to explain everything to her. Her timely intervention was critical in me maintaining legal status during the status transfer period and obtaining the J1 visa with no further delays/ issues.

Since then I have relied on Emily's expertise for all my visa related issues, including removal of my 2 year home residence for the federal Govt J1 visa in 2008, Green card Application in 2010 and issues related to removal of the provisional status on the GC in 2011. I have a continuing legal relationship sometimes seeking advice in an informal manner. Inspite of her busy schedule she has always been very responsive, detailed and through in her replies. It is an asset to have a competent, experienced and trustworthy legal counsel who you can rely on and I remain deeply indebted and extremely grateful to Emily for all her support and help.

Indeed, I have had no hesitation in recommending Emily to close friends for their legal needs and am not surprised that they have gone on to build their own strong legal relationship with her. I wish Emily the very best as she branches out with her own firm and am sure with her indebt knowledge, competence and winning attitude, she will continue to be a successful attorney and asset to all her clients.

– Avanti

I hired Emily while she was working at Challa Law to file my permanent residency application under EB-1A category. She worked with me patiently through various stages of the process. She helped and guided me through every step, from writing reference letters to responding to USCIS queries. My I-140 application received a lengthy request for further evidence notice. Emily helped me obtain the necessary additional documents and also drafted an excellent cover letter to address various issues raised in the RFE. This resulted in a quick approval of the I-140. I strongly recommend her services for filing immigration applications.

– Deepa

I have been thru various immigration processes with several attorneys and finally got under the valuable umbrella of Emily, she represented my H1 transfer, 7th year H1 extension, Perm Process & I-140. Through all these process she was informative and provided me the options which were in my best interest and never made any false promises, was detailed went beyond her way in presenting my case to succeed and updated the status of my cases in timely fashion and never kept me in limbo. She has pioneered to be a techer too, which helps getting in touch with her and communicating with her instantaneous, she always responded back to my questions right away. Although my education was not in the related field Emily has successfully handled my Perm process & got the I-140 approval. Per my HR the service fees which she quoted for my cases were pretty acceptable.

– Kumar S.

She is one of those lawyers you can trust and will be very helpful in any situation. Having known her for the last few years, I would recommend her as one of the best in the Industry who is very quick to respond. You can expect great results in any situation as she is one who can turn the things around very quickly if you have a genuine case.

– Muneesh B.

I met (virtually) Emily when she was handling my EB-1 petition and then later my I-485 at Challa Law Offices. She was of great help. Extremely timely. She drafted my petition and put my packages together. The biggest help was with letters of recommendation. In less than a year, I got my EB-1 and I-485 approved which I thought was record time because of my nationality. So when time came to file my now-husband's EB-2 and I-485, we hired Challa Law Office but specifically requested Emily to work on our case. Once again she did everything in a timely manner. We decided to file around 15th and filed both EB-2 and I-485 on December 8th. My husband received his green card around March 15th ( I still think this is record time: 3 months). It was funny that he got his green card and then a week later got his employment authorization. His nationality did help but I also think that the files were perfect and there was no RFE. Everything went through the first time around.

I wholeheartedly recommend Emily and wish her the best in her new practice.

– Leena N

Emily has acted for Octavian and myself on a number of occcasions. Each and every time Emily has delivered results on time and in a cost effective manner. Emily is a personable and reliable attorney, one that does not watch the clock for each and every transaction! Emily has particularly assisted Octavian USA in the past few months and I would not hesitate in recommending Emily for anyone seeking Immigration assistance in the USA.

– Sukhi G.

Emily Sumner is working with Gravitonus since 2009 and I am writing with great pleasure to recommend her work for the company. We've done a lot of business together over last years and I know Emily as a bright person, an expert in the law, who can offer great ideas and implement them with success while staying within the budget. Emily has demonstrated the character and work ethic that I was impressed with, and that I am confident will lead to success in her existing and future legal career.

– Alex K.

We have been working with Emily since 2005, she has extensive knowledge on immigration and has always produced great results for our immigration filings. I would strongly recommend Emily Sumner for your immigration needs.

– Gary G.

I have worked with Emily for slightly over 5 years on various Immigration matters. Emily is extremely talented and results driven Immigration attorney. Her willingness to help is outstanding; her capacity to perform her job in the most efficient way especially minimum turnaround times is what sets her apart from all others in her industry. I could not recommend anyone else in the immigration matters with the same level of confidence and trust.

– Chandra R.

Emily Sumner consults with the International Office at the University of Virginia as one of the immigration attorneys appointed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. She is my "go-to" person. She is expert at her craft, extremely knowledgeable as well as accessible. The Commonwealth as well as UVA are greatly enhanced in their mission by Emily's efforts. I would endorse her without the slightest hesitation. She is an enormous asset.

– Richard T.

Emily is a great attorney for any issues that fall under her domain.She is easily approachable, prompt and is an expert in her field...I can write endlessly about her ..She stands high above in terms of knowledge and client skills amongst all the attorneys I have worked with all these years...

– Rohit A.

Excellent attorney i have ever worked with. Her knowledge on Immigration matters is amazing.

– Santhosh P.

Emily is detailed oriented Attorney who takes care of my immigration status since 2006. She is very knowledgeable and clarify all the client's questions and take care of the business. I recommend her for all these type of attorney services.

– Sundarraj P.

My husband hired Emily to help me file for immigration (I-130 Petition/I-485 Application for Permanent Residence) and she was very professional and efficient. I was extremely impressed with how fast she was to respond to any question that I had (email or phone). She really knows the immigration laws and kept me informed of the process/timeline and how things were going to happen step-by-step. It all happened the way she said it would: we filed, I got my Employment Authorization Card, I had an interview, and then I got my green card. Overall she made the immigration process uncomplicated and headache-free for me.

– Rachel

Working with Emily was a very pleasant experience. I didn't have to think twice before calling or dropping an email to Emily if I had any questions whatsoever. And the best part was that Emily was always so responsive and detailed in replying to all the questions I had. Overall, I would definitely recommend her as an immigration attorney.

– Sumit

I knew Emily Sumner since 2005 when she used to work for another Richmond based Attorney Firm. She filed my H1B, H1B Extensions, Green Card Labor and I-140 (Petition for Alien-worker) while she was with another firm. Honestly speaking, I never received any inquiry (aka RFE) from USCIS on any of my petition that she has filed. I always noticed, she is very careful and thorough when filing the petitions and answering my questions. When I had to take a big decision on changing my employer, I strongly felt that I should change my attorney and move to Emily as I did not like few things from my previous attorney. Since it was an important milestone for me to change my job and get through the final step of my Green Card process, I approached Emily and she gladly took my case again. Now, I changed my Employer and the Great News is: "I am a Green Card Holder". I am so glad, I found Emily again!!! Thanks Emily. I highly recommend Emily Sumner for any Employment based Immigration matters.

– Saravanan

I want to thank you for doing such a great job representing me. I’m so glad we got positive results, but even before getting results, I was confident that we’ve done 100% due diligence with our RFE response. Though the questions from USCIS were intricate & challenging, you did an incredible job of performing thorough legwork and preparing exhaustive yet pragmatic response. It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your guidance & patience throughout the process. Thank you so much for everything!

– Immigration Client

I worked with Emily for my EB2 green card. Throughout the process, Emily and her assistants were very prompt and responsive. Everything was completed in a timely manner. She is very reliable and was able to answer any questions that I had during the process. I hope that many people can have chance to work with her since I had great experience with her.

– Immigration Client

As a client, I have known Ms. Sumner from her immigration seminar at my university at last year. At that time, literally I had no idea or direct for what I have to do to obtain regal status to stay in US, as an Asian single professional woman. However, she helped me to obtain my green card with her professional work and dedication. One of the most impressive her abilities is that she always showed a positive attitude throughout all the process. And I felt extremely at ease working with her at all times, so I can have my life without too much concern and frustration in the long process.

I got my green card actually in my hand in last week (less than 10 months working with her). When I found the official US government envelop including my green card in my mail box, it was one of most relief and happiest moment of my life in US. :D

Thank you so much Emily for all her hard work and positive thinking to help to obtain my green card to legally live in US. Without her it would never have happened.

Great appreciation to her again from the bottom of my hearts....

– Yun

We hired Ms. Sumner's firm to file my Green Card application. Ours was not a complicated case but our decision to hire an attorney was to ensure that we completed all the paperwork (there were quite a few forms including one that we were not aware of because it was not listed as such by USCIS) as required. After reading the reviews of attorneys at AVVO, we went for Ms. Sumner because of the reviews and her work experience with Indians or people of Indian origin.

Ms. Sumner and her para-legal were courteous, very prompt in communication, knowledgeable, flexible and reassuring throughout the pre- and application process. We met only twice even though we communicated frequently via email but everything went smoothly including the interview.

Three months after hiring Ms. Sumner, I received my Green Card. We highly recommend Ms. Sumner.

– Naeem

I am working with Emily when she was working with Challa Law. She has great knowledge and understanding of Employment Immigration matters. She helped and guided me on each and every step when i got RFE on my H1 B renewal. She prepared all the documents and responded to USCIS queries which result in quick approval for my H1B. She clearly knew her trade well and aware or urgency.The best and most important part with her is she respond to the EMAIL within a day. I would highly recommend her services for Employment based Immigration applications.

– Ramandeep

Let me start by saying I've heard of people filing their own immigration paperwork with disastrous results. If you have an immigration matter pending, lawyer up. plain and simple. (You wouldn't perform open heart surgery on yourself would you? So why gamble with your future?).

I was an H4 visa holder and my spouse an H-1B at the time I decided to hire Mrs. Sumner. We were expecting our priority date for adjustment of status (greencard) to become current in 2015 or 2016, and all of a sudden in September 2013 we realized against all odds, our priority date had become current and we needed to apply for adjustment of status immediately. We had previously been working with another lawyer who although did produce results had 2 very unappealing characteristics: He always took forever to respond to my emails or to call me back, and his fees were really high, so I decided It was time for a change. I found Emily Sumner and her firm Sumner Immigration Law through avvo.com. I live in the middle of nowhere. There are no immigration lawyers here, let alone good ones. So I needed a lawyer that could handle my case exclusively via email. I searched avvo.com for lawyers in the general Maryland / Virginia / D.C. area and something caught my eye about Mrs. Sumner: Even thou all their reviewers praised her and gave her nothing but high marks and 5 stars all the way, her avvo score at the time was 8.8 instead of 10. It was then that I understood that even if a lawyer gets 5 stars in all his/her reviews, avvo won't give them a 10 most of the time because they factor in some other internal scores of theirs like industry recognition. It was then when I realized for all intents and purposes, I was looking at a 10 out of 10 lawyer and probably one I was not gonna have to pay and arm and a leg to hire. Just a knowledgeable lawyer, with an outstanding track record to work on my case. Exactly what I needed. So I gave her a call, and left a message with her paralegal. To my surprise, she personally called me back within the hour. Every question I asked her (out of a gazillion questions I had, mind you) she answered with the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm for the law that she answered the first. She also assured me she was used to handling cases via email and that not only she had customers in the Maryland / Virginia area but all over the country. Finally came time to talk about money. Have in mind, I was not expecting any of this to take place until 2015 at the earliest so when all of a sudden I'm told I have to pay uncle Sam over 2 grand just in filing fees and on top of that, pay my lawyer, to say I was put in a tight spot would be an understatement. Mrs. Sumner's fee structure was very reasonable. Her fees were fair, and when I explained my situation, she graciously offered me the option to pay her fee in 3 installments and I could even use my credit card. I was sold. The process from the get go was extremely fluid. Every email I wrote was answered almost immediately and she kept me in the loop every step of the way. Every payment I made to her firm was made through Google wallet which was super quick and easy and you don't even have to share your credit card number with anybody. They just send you an email with a link and you enter your credit card information on a secure website yourself. I even received a dreaded request for evidence from USCIS in the middle of the process due to an error on USCIS part and Mrs. Sumner handled it like a champ, resubmitting the necessary documents in less than 24 hours. Exactly 2 months after I first contacted and hired Mrs. Sumner, I had my greencard in my hands. Of course, your particular case might differ, some greencards take up to a year depending on the particulars and nature of every individual case (family based greencards vs. employer sponsored ones, etc) so your mileage might definitely vary, but what I can assure you is hiring Mrs. Sumner will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

– Edgar

Emily is one of the best lawyer in town. We filed for my wife I-485 based on marriage as I already have my GC. It took less than 3 months for the whole process...starting from sending our documents to USCIS till my wife got her GC. I panicked so many times during this process, but Emily was always there for us to calm us down and give us the positive vibes. One of the example when the interviewer didn't ask any question such as where you meet? how you meet? Nothing. The interviewer told us she will review our case. That's it.So we were confused and scared at the same time even though there was nothing to hide as our marriage is genuine. She helped us prepare for the interview, pointed out our weak points and how we can improve it and make it our strength. I can't stress this enough, but if you are looking for a lawyer who is knowledgeable and help you in your GC processing, she is the one.

– Binayak

When I contacted Sumner Immigration, I knew that I had only one chance to find a good lawyer to take care of my case. I had just had a terrible experience with other immigration lawyers, and what I urgently needed was a legal professional who was competent and really willing to fight for the success of my application. What’s more, I needed to find a lawyer who was intelligent, able to understand and handle the complexities of a case, and who would not shrink from a challenge. Not only did Emily Sumner and her team met all of my expectations and needs, but they went far beyond them. My case was a difficult one and it was unnecessarily complicated by miscommunication and misdirection given by other lawyers. In contrast, from the beginning Emily Sumner was attentive and straightforward and willing to work with me at every step of the way. If I had experienced bad communication before, Sumner Immigration excelled in answering all my questions and giving honest and precise directions; if I had seen lack of legal strategy and disorganization from my previous lawyers, Emily and her team conducted my case in an orderly fashion and with a clear strategy in mind. Last, but not least, Emily Sumner really understands that immigration cases are not just a set of forms to be filled and checks to be signed, but that they are a fundamental piece of the life of real people who are doing their best to come to America and live under the law of the land.

– Alessandro C.

Emily is [a great] immigration attorney who I've worked with since the company started recruiting H1-B employees in 2014 and helped them apply for green cards based on the company policy. Emily's knowledge, experiences, professionalism, and customer services will never make you disappointed. Being the HR person, I had to work with other immigration attorneys after acquiring a few organizations from 2017 to 2019. Some of them were knowledgeable but slow in response and charged a lot. Some of them responded fast but were not able to handle complicated cases. Only Emily could give us piece of mind and was always there whenever we had questions. I would recommend her and her team to any employer who needs to handle H1-B sponsorship and employee green card applications.

I have been with Sumner Immigration since 2017. They have been very professional, helpful and exceeded all of my expectations. Nikita and Emily have helped our family throughout the whole process and through their explanations and careful guidance, they have helped lower our stress and anxiety regarding much of the immigration process. In covid times, many things were unsure, especially the outcomes of immigration policies and legislation. And by sensing this distress in the current environment, Nikita and Emily made sure to schedule frequent zoom meetings, seminars, updates their blogs regarding current and relevant immigration policies; and they have made sure to communicate with their clients regarding any movement immigration legislation that will affect them and their paperwork.

From the very beginning, Sumner Immigration has communicated to their client the realistic timeline expectations in the filing process and they will make their best recommendations to expedite the process. By communicating these realistic expectations in the immigration process, it has allowed my family to better plan our course of actions.

The ladies at Sumner Immigration will not shy away to answer your questions and concerns, and they will make the complicated immigration process bearable and easier to manage. And believe me, gathering the paperwork, documents, and information is a complicated and tedious process that will require support from experienced veterans in the field.

Needless to say, I have been very satisfied with their work and I will be using their service to get help with my naturalization process! I assure you, if you have any concerns and questions, I recommend you reach out to Sumner Immigration to begin your immigration process.

We would like to say thank you very much for Emily's help with our case. Emily Sumner and her team worked hard and were so cooperative. We appreciate all that they have done for us. We highly recommend using Sumner Immigration.

Emily helped with my H-1B, PERM, and I-140 petitions. She's experienced, professional, and very responsive. Emily is always willing to take extra steps to meet clients' needs. My case went through smoothly. Both my employer and I are very happy with their service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who's seeking an immigration attorney.

Emily and Sumner Immigration Law team helped our family with H1B, H4, H4 EAD, I-140, and I-485 application processing. Definitely one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, outstanding, and sensible attorneys out here in the immigration world. Considering the ongoing changes and current processing times due to the global pandemic, it's very important to hire the right law firm and in my opinion, your search ends here with Sumner Immigration Law based out of Richmond, VA. To quote an example, recently Emily and her team filed our adjustment of status of the application based on October 2020 where she and her amazing team came up with a plan in no time, published it, and met the milestones well ahead of the schedule. I can only imagine the amount of hard work that the team might have put in to do so during the stressful times with enormous volume across all corners, a lot of my friends and family had to file the adjustment of status during the same time, pretty much everyone complained that they were not getting a response from law firms due to peak traffic, but our case is a lot different where Emily and her team are super busy, responded promptly and guided us in every step to finish the documentation. Kudos and take a bow Emily and Sumner Immigration Law team.

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Emily beginning in October of 2018. She and her team submitted an adjustment of status request for permanent residence and a couple of other forms for my husband. What we really liked about her practice is the attention to detail and organization they work with. She met with us a few times before submitting everything and gave us guidance on what to expect in the coming months during the process. That was very helpful. They really do strive to submit everything that is required for the process at once to avoid any unnecessary delays and because of that everything with my husband’s case proceeded quickly. We had our joint interview in July 2019 and Emily met with us and helped us prepare for the interview. Although the immigration officer that did our interview told us that we would receive an answer on their decision within a month after the interview, they started to fall behind. Emily and her team were always available to answer any questions we had during the months we were just waiting for their decision and even inquired with them on our behalf. My husband received his green card in early December of 2019 (about 14 months after we submitted paperwork). We are glad we found her office and recommend her 100%.

I’m very grateful that Sumner Immigration Law took care of everything that I needed to submit to USCIS. They processed my H-1B visa and I was able to get here in the US last 2016. I never had a problem with the processing even with the renewal of my H-1B. They also assisted me with the processing of my green card. They explained to me every step of the process and made sure that everything is well documented. I got my green card now. Thank you very much, Sumner Immigration Law.

I have no idea how had I been able to go through the Green Card process without Emily and Nikita. They are so responsive, explain complicated concepts very well, and make you feel calm during a very stressful process. They take care of their clients and check on you to make sure that everything is in order if they have not heard from you in a while. The process of getting a Green Card has gone longer and longer, hence, there are a lot of things to keep in mind during it, especially when you travel. They always answered any questions I had very promptly. I highly recommend Sumner Immigration Law to everyone applying for a Green Card. It's such a great value for a smooth process and peace of mind. I also enjoy being on their email list. They send out relevant information regarding changes to immigration policy and even had a webinar on COVID-19 and its impact on immigration issues.

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. When I hire a law firm first and foremost what I am looking for is peace of mind. That’s what I got from Emily Summer and her team. I first used their services after some rather bad experience with my company’s law preferred law firm. One of my colleagues recommended Emily and from the first phone call itself, I had peace of mind. Her in-depth knowledge of the immigration law is up to date with the latest changes, upfront counsel and really knowledgeable and helpful staff made my Green Card process a breeze. We received our Green Card in a record 8 months from start to finish. 5 years later she was the first one we called for our citizenship. I know we could have filed it ourselves but I always look for peace of mind when it comes to immigration and that’s what I get with Summer Immigration Law. We are proud US citizens today and Emily Summer and her team have played a huge role in that. We highly recommend them to everyone.

I was clueless about the Green Card process and Emily Sumner and her team, especially Nikita, were there all hours and days to help me and answered every question I had promptly. Emily and her team were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and kind during my entire Green Card process. My experience with Emily and Nikita was excellent. I can’t thank Emily and Nikita enough for their dedication and hard work. I highly recommend Sumner Immigration Law.

Seven stars rating to Emily and Team! When you hire them, be assured you have a rock solid team representing you who would treat your case as their own. I have met Emily and Nikita personally and was moved by the level of detail and effort they put into your case, with such professionalism and knowledge and being so much approachable they are (great) to go with.

I approached them regarding an I-130 application to bring my wife to the United States. My case was not a typical case because I had no income and no tax returns to sponsor my wife, neither did I had anyone to co-sponsor. Emily and the team handled my case very meticulously, were always a step ahead on my case, and followed up even when I forgot. They got my case approved based on the qualification of assets I had in the United States. My wife is now in the United States with me and we could never be much happier and thankful to Emily and Team.

Their representation fee is very reasonable, you get full value for your money. Sumner Immigration is a place that you can trust and depend upon for all your immigration needs. I highly recommend them and look forward to work with them again in the future.

Sumner Immigration Law helped me with my Employment-Based Permanent Residence application. They were great to work with, always ready to answer any questions and knowing full well what they were doing. I'd highly recommend them to anyone!

We cannot praise Sumner Immigration Law highly enough! Emily and her team shepherded us through the process of obtaining a family-based green card (I-130/I-485 adjustment of status). Highly knowledgeable, very kind and friendly, and super responsive, these folks are experts at what they do. From paperwork to interview prep to answering anxious emails and phone calls, we felt at ease during the entire process.
For something as delicate and important as an immigration-related matter, you want a partner by your side who understands the intricacies of the process and can navigate them skillfully. Emily Sumner is that partner. We were referred to her by two friends, and in turn, we have recommended her to friends, and we plan to retain her again in the future.

Sumner Immigration is the professional, responsible, and efficient law firm I have worked with so far. I applied 3 times H-1B visa during the past three years. I got the H-1B lottery on my last chance which was helped by Emily and her team. It still feels like a miracle. But I believe without Emily and her team’s help, it’s possible that the miracle won’t happen forever. At the beginning of the applying process, we faced many obstacles for my H-1B application. I even thought I couldn’t get the visa and I prepared to leave the country. But Emily and her team were always there to provide the best professional advice and optimistic vision to my boss and me. She was not only my lawyer but also a supportive friend on my side. During the process, she guided us to go through the application process step by step clearly and solidly. There wasn’t any misunderstanding and delayed updates. She showed her high standard of professional experience; she understood her client’s pain point and would fight for her client to solve the problem no matter how complicated the situation. Her team always provided us with the newest updates of my application and answered any questions we had. I got the visa successfully without even had the RFE process. I am so glad to work with Sumner Immigration and I really appreciated all the great efforts Emily and her team did for my case.

We highly recommend Emily Sumner and her team. She handled a crucial I-130 evidence response for us. The five-star reviews don't lie. They were the reason I initially contacted her and I am happy to say that I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. All of my calls and emails were promptly answered, and I never felt for a second like I didn't know what was going on. For all that she does, the cost is not overly prohibitive. There is a fee for the consultation, but it goes towards your case if you retain her, and I can't imagine anyone not wanting her as their lawyer after meeting and talking with her. If you have a critical immigration issue relating to yourself or a loved one, do yourself a favor and call Sumner Immigration Law. The performance and the reviews speak for themselves. I will forever be grateful to Emily, Nikita, and the rest of her team. Thank you guys.

It's been more than 10 years that I started working with Emily for all immigration matters sponsored by my firm and in the past too. She is so detailed oriented that there will not be any complications in the immigration process. I am extremely impressed by her knowledge of immigration and the way she guides in a positive way. Before working with her I have been working with several other Immigration lawyers but I found Emily is very quick to respond positively and we always had her support in presenting cases. Updates me and my sponsored employees timely for further correspondence and expiry of the dates. She will not watch the clock for each and every transaction. She is one of those lawyers who can trust in any situation. I strongly recommend approaching Emily Sumner for any immigration issues.
She is always available and approachable to take care of her clients

Emily and Nikita handled our case very well. They essentially made my path easy. We were able to complete all necessary requirements because they have their processes well laid out. They were always there when I had questions or concerns (and we had plenty, I promise you!) Undoubtedly, our application would've been extremely difficult if Sumner Immigration Law was not there for us. Thank you all, from both of us.

Thank you Emily and Nikita for being so amazing and fast with the process. You guys rock! Coming back for my citizenship application next.

Emily and her team are simply (A-Grade) and they helped me to get my green card in no time at all.

Professional and diligent; she made what was a daunting task into something much, much easier, and less stressful. I would recommend her to anybody in need of legal help regarding immigration. Her team and herself were always just a call or email away whenever we needed help or had queries and we never had to wait long to get an answer or an issue resolved.

It's safe to say that Emily and her team are (a great) choice if you want a hassle-free immigration experience.

I have been to Emily for advice and legal guidance on immigration for my spouse. Had an all-around excellent experience. One of the greatest decisions to select her law firm for our immigration-related matters.

Emily and Nikita are (A-Grade)!!!!

They are very professional and friendly. They helped us prepare our file for the Family-based Green Card application and the file organization even received compliments from the Immigration Officer during our Interview.
Emily and Nikita kept complete transparency regarding the application process and we were always kept in the loop and posted about every single update that was happening, related to our case.
Emily is very adept and knowledgeable and guided us from the start till the end of the process.

I am a very happily married guy with my Husband Jeremy and it's all because of the support, assistance, and coordination that we received from their law firm.

Thanks again for believing in us, Emily and Nikita, and being there for us throughout the process. I highly recommend them.

Working with Emily Sumner and her team to help my wife acquire her green card was a dream. She and Nikita helped us every step of the way and answered emails more quickly than I thought they needed to. Nothing was left up to chance or imagination - everything was laid at our feet. And the best part is that my wife just received her green card in the mail on Saturday! If you want ease and comfort, go for Sumner Immigration!

Professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Sumner Immigration Law.

The service received by Emily Sumner and Nikita, was professional while remaining friendly. Emily was confident all the way and had empathy with us, which manifested in her answers to all the strange questions we asked. We looked forward to our meetings with her and the continual feedback helped us through the months of waiting.
It was a pleasure to be under the wing of Sumner Immigration and I highly recommend them to anyone going through the same procedure.
Hooray - we are now the proud holders of our Green Cards thanks to Sumner Immigration!

I had an excellent experience with Sumner Immigration Law. As a client, I got everything that I expected. I was provided with every piece of information that I needed from time to time. I got a quick response to all my emails. For any immigration-related work, Sumner Immigration Law is the place to go for. Emily and Nikita are very affectionate, warm, qualified, transparent, and extremely professional people

Cheers!! You guys rock!!!

Immigration law can be overwhelming and have you feeling confused. But Emily and her amazing team made the process as smooth as it can be. My case was a family-based green card and from the very beginning, Emily explained how the process would unfold, the time frame, and what to expect. She and her paralegal, Nikita, answered every email I sent on time. I am extremely satisfied with Sumner Immigration and strongly recommend it for anyone looking for a lawyer.

Very responsible and experienced team! Really nice to work with! Emily was highly recommended by a couple of my friends for H-1B visa. Many thanks to the team for helping me get the H-1B approval!

My husband and I selected Emily Sumner to represent for a marriage-based green card in September 2017. I got married while I was on a tourist visa and didn't know what to do. This was when I did some research and came across Sumner Immigration Law.
Ms. Emily Sumner and her team especially Nikita went above and beyond with answering questions at any time and being as specific as they can with everything I needed.
She has amazing service, very respectful and understanding! She and her professional staff members handled our case and we were more than satisfied. Emily was committed to resolving our case in a timely fashion, I do not have the words to thank her for the time, commitment, and perseverance.
She helped to prepare us for everything at our joint interview with the USICS officer without any complications. The whole process and experience were excellent.

Thanks to her my permanent residence was approved within 6 months of filing the case and I have already received my Green Card.

I would VERY HIGHLY recommend her and her team. Thanks. S.M

I'm very much thankful for Emily and Team. As part of my Green Card filling it was very crucial for me to get the PERM and I-140 approved. Sumner Immigration Law very stringent in processing the applications checked all the docs and forms without having any issues. They have a good tracking system.

They listen to you carefully and give suggestions and educate you about the options.
I used to ask a number of questions, they get clarified all of them and very prompt in responding to the emails. Especially I'm very much thankful to Emily.

You know one thing I thought that I will give "FIVE-Star" rating when I looked at the existing ratings everyone had given the five-star rating, this itself shows that how much dedicated towards their work what they do.
Many of you might be looking for a good attorney for various immigration issues I would recommend "Sumner Immigration Law" without any hesitation. They will do everything possible for you.

Sumner Immigration was to put it simply, amazing. Like many, my wife and I had been so little informed about how to help our situation with the immigration process. When we made the initial call to the firm, Mrs. Sumner had set us in the right direction. They made the process from telling us exactly what we needed to have in order, to completing and filing our paperwork, to answering any questions we had to seem too easy. The immediate feedback they provide when we had a question was the most appreciated. We highly recommend this firm!

The whole process went extremely smoothly and I felt like I had nothing to worry about. The fees are very reasonable for the field. The monthly updates are a really nice touch!

Emily was recommended to me by a friend of mine and that was a great choice! She is an extremely competent lawyer, always patiently answering all questions and serving professional advice. I truly recommend her office to everybody seeking a trustworthy attorney.

I worked with Emily Sumner and her office for filing my N 400 and I had a wonderful experience. She was very quick in responding to my emails and was always very prompt and thorough with all my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend her office.

Our experience with Emily was great! Her professional yet very friendly approach made the whole immigration process way less stressful for us. We felt well informed and prepared for our interview.
Big thanks also belong to Emily's paralegal Nikita who kept in touch with us during the whole process. I will recommend this law firm to anyone in need of a good attorney!

My family's experience with Sumner Immigration was phenomenal. Emily and her team were so helpful and attentive throughout the whole process. My cases were for my DACA renewal and for a family-based green card. With both cases, they made sure we had all the required information, kept us up to date with any news regarding the cases, and answered any of the questions we might've had. They were in constant communication with us and made us feel like our case was a priority. I thank them for everything they have done and we have enjoyed working with her and her team and will continue to do so in the future.

I initially applied for a K-1 visa on my own. I figured I would save some money do the paperwork on my own. When I got an RFE in the mail I was afraid and unsure of what my next step would be. The people at Sumner Immigration were fantastic and helped in getting my fiancee's visa approved. They were there for me every step of the way and answered any questions I had. I only wished that I had used them from the beginning as it would have saved me a lot of stress.

After going through reviews in Yelp and Google of different Immigration Attorneys, I found Sumner Immigration Law through reviews in Google and I'm pleased to say that they were right! My initial consultation (for a fee) was very positive. Emily talked me through all the steps and approximate timeline for the I-130 Petition filing for my wife who was in Nepal and answered all the questions unique to my situation. I decided to use Sumner Immigration Law for the whole process following that meeting and I can say now I made the right decision as everything got approved within 6 months and finally my spouse is here with me.
Emily and Nikita helped us realize our dream. I would recommend them to ANYONE that is looking for a solid dependable immigration attorney in Richmond, Va. They will do their very best for you, but they will not leave you with false hopes and promises that can't be fulfilled which sadly is the experience that so many of us have when dealing with immigration.
Thanks guys!

The team at Sumner Immigration has been amazing. First, when I started our process with Emily Sumner, she set realistic expectations. And then, with every step, Emily and her team were consistent with us - answering questions promptly and following up with USCIS as appropriate. I have worked with immigration (and other) lawyers before and I must say that working with Emily and her team has been a sheer pleasure - thoroughly professional and detailed. I would recommend Emily Sumner and her team to anyone seeking immigration services.

Emily and her paralegal Nikita are a great help in getting my Mom's green card, they are very professional and organized, with timely feedback and to-the-point communication. A pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

(A-Grade) attorney in Richmond, VA. I would like to say thank you. Mrs. Sumner and your team for all the hard work, your expertise in immigration law is unsurpassed. Combine your knowledge along with your patience, insistence, and compassion to help your clients get through a difficult time is so appreciated. You worked with me and explained each step of the process very thoroughly so I would know what would happen next and in what time frame. Again, thank you very much for helping me with bringing my wife and my mother to the United States of America.

Emily and Nikita did a fantastic job guiding me and answering all my questions promptly during the process. I'm very glad I chose Sumner Immigration Law to represent me.

I strongly recommend Sumner Immigration Law and I have details to support that; they are quick, transparent, very good understanding on the case they take up, and always available to respond to the questions that were posed to them.
I strongly recommend them for those who are looking to process their H-1B and green card process.

Sumner Immigration Law firm made me feel like my case was important, they were very patient and took care of every detail, and always called me with updates and discuss further plans. Thank You very much! I would definitely recommend them.

I have been a loyal customer of Emily for more than a decade now. She is pretty knowledgeable about immigration laws and has always amazed me with the depth of her knowledge. I would highly recommend her for immigration services!

My wife and I had a wonderful interaction with Emily, and she was thoroughly knowledgeable and helpful in regards to the topics that we discussed.

Emily is an amazing immigration attorney. Our case was Employment-based AOS under “Cross Chargeability” which some lawyer seems to be unaware of. But Emily had experience and knowledge in handling such cases. She helped us understand the process and guided us every step of the way. We always had a lot of questions for her but she was always there to answer and clear our questions/concerns. Her team is very proactive and organized. We will never ever be able to thank her and the team enough for everything. Sumer Immigration is an attorney that we trust a great deal. We highly recommend Sumner Immigration law firm. THANK YOU, Emily :)

I was recently referred to Emily Sumner and her team by a friend who had worked with her and approved for their NIW/I-485 application. After a brief phone consultation with Emily, I had an overwhelmingly positive impression of her and her strong belief that I would be successful in my NIW/I-485. Even though I spoke with also other highly respected lawyers, I decided to work with Emily because of the initial impression I had from speaking with her. Throughout my NIW/I-485 petition process, Emily and her team were always there providing the most support possible in a timely and effective manner. They provided much guidance and help with my NIW application package where most of the letters and documents related to my advanced training in the biological sciences. My NIW/I-485 application was approved. Overall working with Emily and her colleagues was an excellent experience.

Emily is an (A-Grade) lawyer in town. We filed for my wife's I-485 based on marriage as I already have my Green Card. It took less than 3 months for the whole process. Starting from sending our documents to USCIS till my wife got her Green Card. I panicked so many times during this process, but Emily was always there for us to calm us down and give us positive vibes. One of the examples when the interviewer didn't ask any questions such as where you meet? how did you meet? Nothing. The interviewer told us she will review our case. That's it. So we were confused and scared at the same time even though there was nothing to hide as our marriage is genuine. She helped us prepare for the interview, pointed out our weak points and how we can improve them and make them our strengths. I can't stress this enough, but if you are looking for a lawyer who is knowledgeable and help you in your Green Card processing, she is the one.

Always quick to respond to questions and concerns.

I have taken my two immigration processes with them, my green card and the renewal of it, and currently starting my naturalization process and it has been more than excellent!!
Highly recommended, super professionals and always in excellent communication throughout the process and the duration of the process.
I could not be in better hands for such an important and delicate process!

I highly recommend Sumner Immigration. Emily is professional and responsible! It was my first time applying for H-1B visa and there were many things I was confused about or worried about the process. Whenever I reached out to her for questions, she replied to me very quickly with detailed information. I am glad I could work with her! I couldn't be happier with her help and I really appreciated it! Thank you!!

We applied for a marriage-based green card. We were going to file on our own, but we were nervous about all the documentation. So we had consultations with several high-rated lawyers in Richmond, but Emily Sumner was (great). She, or one of her highly knowledgeable teammates, would answer all of our questions immediately (and we had so many questions). We had complete confidence in her because she thoroughly explained the process and prepared us for the interview. Our case was a success thanks to Emily and her team. We highly recommend Sumner Immigration Law!

Emily and Nikita were not only wonderful but immensely patient with us. Emily was always quick to respond and provide in-depth explanations for all of our questions. After our initial consultation, we felt confident in hiring Emily for our Adjustment of Status application. Even more helpful was the fact that Emily provides an hour-long prep session before the interview! I have already referred her to several friends, and if I ever need another immigration attorney, I will retain her again.

My company hired Sumner Immigration for my H-1B filing. Emily's team was very professional and always stayed on top of things. Everything from document preparation, LCA to case status communication was handled smoothly. My HR or I never had to reach out to check the progress of the filing. Moreover, Emily always provided excellent guidance on questions regarding alternate work authorization and/or green card filing.

My company uses Emily Sumner Immigration firm for all immigration needs, and for good reason - she is very knowledgeable and professional and knows how to handle tough cases, like mine. My H-1B with my first company was denied and I had essentially lost all hopes but then we filed another petition for the same position with my current company and with her expertise, help, and guidance we got it passed. It was a pretty complicated case and there was an RFE like she suspected there would be one. But she always had a plan and then a backup plan. Once she responded to the RFE we got the approval within 15 days!! I would highly recommend her for any immigration needs.

I have started my American dream back in 2007 and since then, Emily helped me with various non-immigration (H1B)/immigration (PERM, I-140) petitions. She helped me with PERM (first stage of Green Card) in 2010 and it was approved in record time of 43 days. She also helped me with the transition from L-1B to H-1B and extension of stay in H-1B status. At times, due to strict immigration policies, we got complex R.F.E and she helped resolve the situation with her vast experience. I am excited to file my I-485 with her in the near future. My Overall experience with Emily/Sumner Immigration Law Firm: 1) She has a great team of paralegals and an administrative team. 2) The legal team keeps us informed about the status of work. 3) Involve us in the review of few important documents (when needed), so that there won't be any mistakes in the filing. 4) If we have any small questions, we can email the attorney/paralegal and they will get back to us ASAP. If they are tied up with high-priority issues/cases, we will get an update on when we can expect the response. 5) Open for Ad-Hoc consultations. 6) Emily has a very good understanding of international education / technical job experience and knows how to funnel it for the purpose of US immigration.

Emily was my attorney for NIW/I-485 and I couldn't be happier with her help and expertise. She was very thorough and patient throughout the process. We prepared a convincing case within two months which was a big accomplishment. During Adjustment of Status, Emily and Nikita kept me informed of the status of my case on a regular basis, advised me in detail on all my questions, and contacted the Ombudsman's Office when USCIS was taking longer than expected in processing the case (among many other things they helped me with). It will be my great pleasure to refer my friends and family to her.

We are really fortunate to have Emily represent our I-485 case to USCIS. Emily and her team responded to our mail and RFE response on time. The way they present the case is very clean, clear, and to the point. I am really happy that we choose Emily and her team to represent our case. I highly recommend Emily as she is highly professional and she knows in and out of the case and how to present it to USCIS and win the case for clients. Thank you for helping us and winning our I-485 dream journey.

My case required special attention and needed PERM and I-140 to be filed in an efficient manner so that I could use the 6-year time limit on H-1B in the best manner possible. Emily and Team were very patient, helpful, and attentive throughout each step leading up to the approval of the I-140 petition. They really understand the urgency and time-sensitivity of immigration matters.

The entire team at Sumner Immigration- Emily and the paralegals were very accessible and approachable during my renewal application. They responded to my queries and provided feedback very quickly. Emily is very diligent and provides a lot of value with her understanding of the immigration policies. My H-1B renewal application was filed by Sumner Immigration and they also successfully addressed the RFE during this process. Congratulations to the entire team and thank you for your help in successfully renewing my H-1B.

My husband and I went to Sumner Immigration for help with his green card process. Emily was great. She walked us through the entire process and filed all of the forms for us. She made sure the initial filing was exactly what USCIS wanted us to submit. This was great because I wasn't made aware of every form necessary to file when I researched the process beforehand.

She met with us a few different times and was available to answer questions and concerns in a timely manner. On our last meeting, she prepared us for the green card interview and gave us some insight into how long it may take and any concerns she had with our case specifically. We were over-prepared, which was great. The interview went very smoothly and we expect to receive his green card in the mail this week.
I highly recommend Sumner Immigration. They were so insightful and greatly relieved our fears and workload. It was painless.

As a foreign national and a researcher, I hired Emily to file my EB2 NIW application and I'm happy to say that it was one of the best decisions I've made. Filing for a green card can be a nebulous and often times demoralizing endeavor. Right from my first consultation till the filing, Emily demonstrated why she's one of the top immigration lawyers in the region. She's not only highly skilled and a thorough professional at what she does but what sets her apart from other lawyers is how she treats every client as the only one. She was in constant communication with me throughout the process and many times pushed me to expedite to produce the trove of documentation needed from my end. She has always answered the numerous immigration questions I have asked promptly. I've been to consultations with other firms and I can assure you that Emily Sumner's firm will provide you with the best professional yet personalized immigration help you'll find. Therefore, I highly recommend hiring her for all your immigration needs.

Emily is very helpful and flexible to get us through the green card application process. We communicated primarily through emails and phones because we don't live in Richmond.

I filed my papers with the help of Ms. Sumner's firm and am completely satisfied with the services. No matter how many times I called with my silly questions, they were never bothered by them and always gave me the correct response and guidance. I highly recommend their firm and plan to use their services for all my immigration needs.

Ms. Emily Gail Sumner is an excellent, well-organized, timely fashioned, and a great knowledge immigration attorney. Her organization has well-educated and well-determined staff members who help you out in each and every step of the application process and questions. More importantly, Ms. Sumner has a very good automated document organizer and case handling tool.

Ms. Sumner is a super-smart attorney, she knows everything about immigration. She is very dedicated and passionate to help. She always answered my emails and phone calls in a timely manner. I very much appreciate her help with our adjustment of status (green card) application that was stuck for a long time. It took her a short time to get things moving again and get the application approved. It was like magic! I felt helpless dealing with a pending application for a long time, but I felt empowered when I talked to her and got her help. She is a true lifesaver. I highly recommend her to anyone; especially highly skilled professionals who need help with immigration from PERM to Green Card.

She truly is (great). She is the only lawyer who has answered every email or call of mine. She is very well respected. It is true she not only helped me out filing an application and also helped me follow up with CIS L2 representatives in a timely fashion. We all know how hard to get hold of CIS L2 on the phone and explain the situations.

More importantly, she is very reasonable. I don't think it's the money that drives her it's the challenge and the need to help others in need. She did what I think my family would have done but no other lawyer would.

I personally and highly recommend Ms. Sumner for any type of immigration cases. Mine was a cross-changeability case, which was applied with all necessary documents with a cover sheet to CIS supervisor stating the same. However, CIS ignored and tabled my case as usual. After waiting for six months, she did an excellent follow-up with CIS to adjust the status. Finally, my wife and I are greened. American dream came true with her extra ordinary work! I cannot thank enough Ms. Sumner and her team.

I sincerely thank and appreciate all her

It was a great experience to work with Emily. She is very responsible, nice and, always responds to my emails quickly, and answers any questions I have. She keeps me updated. Her team is also very friendly. It was a great choice!

My husband and I met Emily on June 16th, 2014 for consultation because I had a J1 Visa expiring in January 2015. Emily was very sincere and straightforward concerning our options and she told us exactly what to expect. We decided to start the marriage-based I-130 and I-485 application. She gave us all the information as well as a list of documents we needed to send to her office for them to fill the corresponding USCIS forms. Emily and her team replied promptly to all our questions and concerns. All phone calls and emails were promptly returned even at non-working hours and holidays!! We had meetings at her office for her to coach us before important events like the fingerprint appointment and the interview with the immigration officers. She was there for us during the process. I received my Green Card on March 30th, 2015, and I must say it should have come a long time before that but because of personal situations, my husband and I were not able to provide earlier all the documents to Emily. She was all the time pendant of us and offering us her advice and help to successfully complete this process. For me is very important to say to my fellow immigrants that going through this immigration process has to be taken seriously and it is worth getting a professional, responsible, experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy and for me personally, genuinely caring and committed attorney, and that's exactly what Emily is. She loves what she does and that makes the difference.
I'm very glad we found her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone with immigration issues. For my future immigration issues for sure, I will hire her again.

Sumner Immigration Law Attorney is (A-Grade) Attorney for Green Card and H1B processing

My company applied for my Green Card in EB3. I wasted so many years and waited on EB3. My previous attorney didn't give me any confidence in porting to EB2. Then, I have contacted Emily Sumner. She explained me step by step process and gave me confidence. My employer and I impressed with their approach and outstanding knowledge on porting to EB2. Emily and her team processed my case and got success in getting my Green Card. Ms. Sumner's team was so helpful in filling up the documents and advice in gathering the required documents. Emily also filed my H-1B extension during this process. She is highly up-to-date knowledgeable in H-1B process. Their documentation is outstanding. Thank you so much Sumner Immigration!

Ms. Sumner and her team provided us with step-by-step support during the green card process. They promptly answered our questions and eased our concerns. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone in need of immigration help.

I happen to be in a very complicated situation not once but twice and was looking for expert feedback. I am extremely glad to have spoken to Emily Sumner. Emily provided feedback with the utmost professionalism and customer well-being. She is highly knowledgeable about handling matters in immigration. She is very up to date with the current trends. The best part was, I got to consult with a real attorney. Emily, you are hands down (Great) with immigration services.

I got awesome service from Emily, they were very supportive and helped in all the ways they can. I got their responses not only during the regular business hours but also during the personal time out, she took some time to respond to my queries. This is what I felt as customer delight. I gave all Kudos to Emily and her team. Thanks for the wonderful support. You are one of the best people I met in my life. Thanks and God bless... :)

Hi Emily,
I want to thank you for doing such a great job representing me. I’m so glad we got positive results, but even before getting results, I was confident that we’ve done 100% due diligence with our RFE response. Though the questions from USCIS were intricate and challenging, you did an incredible job of performing thorough legwork and preparing the exhaustive yet pragmatic responses. It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your guidance & patience throughout the process. Thank you so much for everything !!!
Lucky Client!

I worked with Emily for my EB2 green card. Throughout the process, Emily and her assistants were very prompt and responsive. Everything was completed in a timely manner. She is very reliable and was able to answer any questions that I had during the process. I hope that many people can have a chance to work with her since I had a great experience with her.

We hired Ms. Sumner's firm to file my Green Card application. Ours was not a complicated case but our decision to hire an attorney was to ensure that we completed all the paperwork (there were quite a few forms including one that we were not aware of because it was not listed as such by USCIS) as required. After reading the reviews of attorneys at AVVO, we went for Ms. Sumner because of the reviews and her work experience with Indians or people of Indian origin.

Ms. Sumner and her paralegal were courteous, very prompt in communication, knowledgeable, flexible, and reassuring throughout the pre-and application process. We met only twice even though we communicated frequently via email but everything went smoothly including the interview.

Three months after hiring Ms. Sumner, I received my Green Card. We highly recommend Ms. Sumner.

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