Let me start by saying I've heard of people filing their own immigration paperwork with disastrous results. If you have an immigration matter pending, lawyer up. plain and simple. (You wouldn't perform open heart surgery on yourself would you? So why gamble with your future?).

I was an H4 visa holder and my spouse an H-1B at the time I decided to hire Mrs. Sumner. We were expecting our priority date for adjustment of status (greencard) to become current in 2015 or 2016, and all of a sudden in September 2013 we realized against all odds, our priority date had become current and we needed to apply for adjustment of status immediately. We had previously been working with another lawyer who although did produce results had 2 very unappealing characteristics: He always took forever to respond to my emails or to call me back, and his fees were really high, so I decided It was time for a change. I found Emily Sumner and her firm Sumner Immigration Law through avvo.com. I live in the middle of nowhere. There are no immigration lawyers here, let alone good ones. So I needed a lawyer that could handle my case exclusively via email. I searched avvo.com for lawyers in the general Maryland / Virginia / D.C. area and something caught my eye about Mrs. Sumner: Even thou all their reviewers praised her and gave her nothing but high marks and 5 stars all the way, her avvo score at the time was 8.8 instead of 10. It was then that I understood that even if a lawyer gets 5 stars in all his/her reviews, avvo won't give them a 10 most of the time because they factor in some other internal scores of theirs like industry recognition. It was then when I realized for all intents and purposes, I was looking at a 10 out of 10 lawyer and probably one I was not gonna have to pay and arm and a leg to hire. Just a knowledgeable lawyer, with an outstanding track record to work on my case. Exactly what I needed. So I gave her a call, and left a message with her paralegal. To my surprise, she personally called me back within the hour. Every question I asked her (out of a gazillion questions I had, mind you) she answered with the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm for the law that she answered the first. She also assured me she was used to handling cases via email and that not only she had customers in the Maryland / Virginia area but all over the country. Finally came time to talk about money. Have in mind, I was not expecting any of this to take place until 2015 at the earliest so when all of a sudden I'm told I have to pay uncle Sam over 2 grand just in filing fees and on top of that, pay my lawyer, to say I was put in a tight spot would be an understatement. Mrs. Sumner's fee structure was very reasonable. Her fees were fair, and when I explained my situation, she graciously offered me the option to pay her fee in 3 installments and I could even use my credit card. I was sold. The process from the get go was extremely fluid. Every email I wrote was answered almost immediately and she kept me in the loop every step of the way. Every payment I made to her firm was made through Google wallet which was super quick and easy and you don't even have to share your credit card number with anybody. They just send you an email with a link and you enter your credit card information on a secure website yourself. I even received a dreaded request for evidence from USCIS in the middle of the process due to an error on USCIS part and Mrs. Sumner handled it like a champ, resubmitting the necessary documents in less than 24 hours. Exactly 2 months after I first contacted and hired Mrs. Sumner, I had my greencard in my hands. Of course, your particular case might differ, some greencards take up to a year depending on the particulars and nature of every individual case (family based greencards vs. employer sponsored ones, etc) so your mileage might definitely vary, but what I can assure you is hiring Mrs. Sumner will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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“Emily Sumner has been my legal counsel since 2006 when she handled a somewhat complicated turn of events related to my change of status from HOB-J1. This was a matter in which we had hours to act rather than days, in order for me to avoid having to l…”
– Avanti
“Emily Sumner consults with the International Office at the University of Virginia as one of the immigration attorneys appointed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. She is my “go-to” person. She is expert at her craft, extremely knowledgeable…”
– Richard T.

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