Niral P

I have been with Sumner Immigration since 2017. They have been very professional, helpful and exceeded all of my expectations. Nikita and Emily have helped our family throughout the whole process and through their explanations and careful guidance, they have helped lower our stress and anxiety regarding much of the immigration process. In Covid times, many things were unsure, especially the outcomes of immigration policies and legislation. And by sensing this distress in the current environment, Nikita and Emily made sure to schedule frequent zoom meetings, seminars, updates their blogs regarding current and relevant immigration policies; and they have made sure to communicate with their clients regarding any movement immigration legislation that will affect them and their paperwork.

From the very beginning, Sumner Immigration has communicated to their client the realistic timeline expectations in the filing process and they will make their best recommendations to expedite the process. By communicating these realistic expectations in the immigration process, it has allowed my family to better plan our course of actions.

Sumner Immigration will not shy away to answer your questions and concerns, and they will make the complicated immigration process bearable and easier to manage. And believe me, gathering the paperwork, documents, and information is a complicated and tedious process that will require support from experienced veterans in the field.

Needless to say, I have been very satisfied with their work and I will be using their service to get help with my naturalization process! I assure you, if you have any concerns and questions, I recommend you reach out to Sumner Immigration to begin your immigration process.