US Immigration: Five Things You Need to Know Now!

August is a busy month for many people, with lots of vacations, preparing to go back to school (whatever that looks like this year!), and enjoying the last days of summer. But the immigration changes keep rolling in. Here’s a snapshot of what you need to know now!

  1. The public charge rule has been suspended – for now! We’ve been through a wild ride – the Trump administration’s public charge rule that required form I-944 for most green card filings was going to become effective in October, and was suspended at the last minute. Then it suddenly went into effect (per the Supreme Court) in February 2020. As of July 29th a federal court has issued a temporary injunction prohibiting it from being implemented during the national health emergency related to Covid-19. If you are looking to file for a green card, now is the time, while there is no public charge rule (it could change anytime!) and before the fees increase.
  2. USCIS Furlough: The anticipated furlough of about 73% of the USCIS workforce has been postponed until the end of August, pending additional funding from Congress. Watch for further updates on this as the month progresses, and keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen!
  3. F-1 International Students can stay safe, and stay in the U.S.: In early July ICE issued revised guidance stating that F-1 (and M-1) international students could not take a full course of online-only classes this fall and maintain status, even in light of the ongoing pandemic. Harvard, MIT, and other institutions quickly filed suit, and thankfully ICE rescinded their guidance. We rejoice with international students, their employers, professors, and administrators.
  4. H-1B cap case receipt notices keep rolling in! Even though the filing deadline was June 30th, we are still waiting for H-1B cap receipts for a few cases. If you haven’t received yours yet, you are not alone and it’s not time to panic yet. We are tracking this carefully for our clients, and we will follow up with USCIS (and you!) if needed.
  5. The presidential election is November 3rd! If you are a U.S. citizen, make a plan NOW to vote either in person or by mail. Keep in mind that you must be registered to vote ahead of time, and voter registration deadlines vary by state. You can check yours here. Voting in elections is a way to make your voice heard – let’s make it count! Keep an eye on our social media for ongoing updates over the coming weeks and months. We’re excited about collectively making positive changes!

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