Visa Bulletin Predictions for the New Year - 2016!

Charlie Oppenheim, the man behind the Visa Bulletin, met with AILA recently to discuss his predictions for the Visa Bulletin in the New Year. The highlights are as follows:

EB-2 India: The EB-2 India priority date moved up by ten months in December, which is huge. The date also advanced by 8 months to February 1, 2008 for the January visa bulletin. Charlie anticipates that this date could continue to advance for the February 2016 visa bulletin as well, possibly by 4-8 months. He also anticipates that this forward movement will cause upgrades from EB-3. This will then slow down the EB-2 priority date movement, probably in early 2016. However, the rate of the slowdown will depend on demand.

EB-2 and EB-3 China: Charlie does not expect much movement for EB-2 China in the coming months. However, since the EB-3 priority date is later than EB-2, we could see EB-3 downgrades for China. This may free up some EB-2 demand, which would allow EB-2 to advance again.

F-2A and F-2B: Charlie anticipate that these categories will continue to advance as well for the time being.

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