Welcome to Immigration Muse

Greetings! My name is Emily Sumner, and I am the founding member of Sumner Immigration Law. I have started this blog, Immigration Muse, to provide the most recent updates in immigration law as well analysis of the direct impact on individuals with immigration-related goals or challenges (obtaining a work visa, marrying a U.S. citizen, how to get a green card, etc) and businesses and other organizations that hire, or wish to hire, foreign nationals.

Why Immigration Muse?

  1. First, it’s a play on words (“muse” sounding similar to “news”).
  2. Second, when used as a verb, to muse means to consider or comment on thoughtfully, or to meditate on. Appropriate enough for a blog designed to provide insight and analysis, no?
  3. When used as a noun, muse refers to a guiding spirit or source of inspiration. The mission of Sumner Immigration Law is to be an authoritative, guiding source for those working their way through the byzantine architecture of immigration law, policies, and processes. Sumner Immigration Law exists not just to process immigration papers for clients, but to serve as a steadfast source of clarity and strength in immigration law for clients. Like so many other things in life, immigration law is not particularly difficult (at least in theory) if you know exactly what you are doing. It’s figuring out what to do given a particular situation or goal, then deciding when to do it, and how, that can be so challenging. And the dealing with the unexpected and often unannounced changes in policies from the various immigration-related government agencies. Nonetheless, with a foundation of over ten years of working in the field of immigration law, Sumner Immigration Law gives clients clarity of mind in dealing with processes that can be not only confusing, but life-changing. This clarity of mind, clarity in options, and clarity in terms of what to expect puts clients in a position of confidence and strength when making decisions that will help them meet their personal and professional goals. This clarity and strength, coupled with exquisite client service, makes Sumner Immigration Law an “immigration muse,” a guiding light in the immigration law maze.

Sumner Immigration Muse is intended to be a source of news, commentary, and analysis on the changes and challenges most relevant to business - and family-based immigration law. I also welcome your thoughts, suggestions for future topics, and other comments, and look forward to hearing from you!

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