What to Expect When Placing a Service Request with USCIS

We carefully monitor the status of the cases that we have filed with USCIS for our clients. Occasionally, if a case is not proceeding as expected or we encounter another issue that needs to be addressed by USCIS, we may find it necessary to place a Service Request. USCIS allows the following reasons for Service Requests:

• Case outside normal processing times
• Did not receive a notice, card or document by mail
• Change of address
• Typographical error

Once we have placed a Service Request we should receive a target completion date from USCIS. USCIS categorizes requests based on urgency and type of request and then processes the requests within each category based on the order the request was received. USCIS aims to respond to Service Requests within 15 days but it is not unusual for it to take longer to receive a response.

After the Service Request has been submitted we can expect one of three things to occur:

1. We will receive the pending notice, approval, document or notice of correction prior to the USCIS target completion date;
2. We will receive a response from USCIS stating the case is within normal processing times and they will process the case as their resources allow; or,
3. We will not receive a response at all. If we do not receive a timely response we must wait 30 calendar days from the creation date of the previous Service Request before placing another one.

Working with a federal agency, full of red-tape bureaucracy can be frustrating at times, but at Sumner Immigration Law, we find that helping clients have a clear understanding of all possible outcomes and timelines is helpful.

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