Why Does the Online USCIS Case Status Say That?

We frequently receive emails from clients who have checked the USCIS online case status of their pending case and the status shows something unusual, such as the date of birth has been updated, the address has been changed, etc. Other times, the case status simply is not updated at all. We certainly understand that this incorrect or outdated information can be alarming to clients.

In the majority of cases, it is simply a matter of the USCIS online case status either showing an incorrect status (address update, for example), or simply not having been timely updated at all. We have noticed that in some (but not all) cases, when we see an unusual change in the case status, such as the address of record has been updated, in fact the case has been approved (and we receive the approval notice in the mail), or an RFE notice has been issued (and again, we receive that by mail).

We do encourage clients to occasionally check the status of their case online if they wish (and our office does this for the cases we file on a systematic basis as well). However, if you do see an unusual update, keep in mind that it is possibly just an erroneous update.

If you have a question about a pending case that Sumner Immigration Law prepared and filed for you, we of course are happy to assist.