Attention Entrepreneurs - Engage with USCIS!

One of the most exciting things for me as an immigration attorney is to know that I am helping others become successful in starting and maintaining those own businesses, that will in turn create jobs, and ultimately help not only the US economy, but the global economy.

Unfortunately, finding strategies for immigration for entrepreneurs in the US is not always the easiest process (though there are a variety of options). Further, once you start the process, would-be immigrants sometimes run into roadblocks when working with USCIS. Working with an experienced business-immigration attorney can certainly smooth this process. However, you should also know that USCIS is making an effort to become more transparent, and to facilitate communication with the foreign national and entrepreneur communities to ease the current challenges.

As part of the USCIS Entrepreneurs in Residence program, USCIS is hosting an "Information Summit" on Feb. 22cd, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm in Silicon Valley. The USCIS press release states that "through panel discussions and breakout sessions, the Summit will give participants the opportunity to share their strategic thinking and business expertise with the agency. The feedback from the Summit will inform the work of the Entrepreneurs in Residence tactical team, which will bring business experts in-house to work alongside USCIS staff to maximize current immigration laws’ potential to attract foreign entrepreneurial talent." The USCIS press release instructs people interested in attending the summit to email Please include your full name and the organization you represent, if any, in the body of the email and reference "Entrepreneurs in Residence" in the subject line of the email.

Happy engaging!

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