Friday Fun Facts in Immigration Law!

  1. No more employment-based green cards are available this fiscal year! U.S. Department of State reported on Sept. 15th that the annual limit has been reached. No worries though; in less than 15 days the new fiscal year will start, and numbers will be available again. Check the October visa bulletin to see if your date is current so that you can start preparing now! See:
  2. Beware of online immigration services! USCIS has reported an up-tick in applications from applicants that use online services that charge the same amount as the filing fee to complete and submit immigration forms. Applicants are then attaching a copy of an electronic check to the supporting documents that are mailed to USCIS. However, the checks have already been cashed by the online business, so the filing fee is not paid. Therefore USCIS cannot process the application, and you may miss critical filing deadlines that could permanently affect your status.
  3. H-1B Filing Update: USCIS updated its count of FY2012 cap-subject H-1B petitions and advanced degree cap-exempt petitions. As of September 9, 2011, approximately 32,200 H-1B cap-subject petitions were receipted. This is roughly half of the 65,000 allocated slots. If you plan to file this year, please do so now before the cap is met!
  4. The U.S. consulate in Mumbai, India has resumed appointments for H and L visa applications! In 2010, Indians applicants received 65 percent of all H1B visas issued worldwide.
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Enjoy the fresh fall weather this weekend!

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