H-1B Bunny Visits Sumner Immigration Law

As you may know, the past few weeks the Sumner Immigration Law team has been hard at work preparing cap-subject H-1B petitions for filing on Friday, March 29th for delivery to USCIS on Monday, April 1. We are huge proponents of the power of positive thinking and positive energy, for the good of our clients and their cases, as well as for our own lives in general.

Can you imagine our excitement when I looked up from the H-1B I was reviewing, and saw out the window a bunny rabbit on a leash?? Right outside our office windows, a lady was walking a bunny rabbit on a leash. Welcoming a quick distraction from our petitions, we rushed outside with our iPhones and took these pictures of what we now call “the H-1B bunny.”

I am generally not a superstitious person, but I will welcome whatever “luck” comes my way. I remembered that the rabbit’s foot is a sign of good luck in some Native American cultures, so I googled rabbits and luck, and found that rabbits are thought to bring good luck in a number of other cultures as well.


Emily Sumner with the H-1B Bunny

To all our clients and friends, we bring you the luck of the rabbit this April!