H-1B Stamping - Required Documents

(Updated October 2023) The holiday travel season is coming up soon, and that means travel, and for many foreign nationals, it means arranging for H-1B stamping! Foreign nationals here on a nonimmigrant visa such as H-1B must also make sure their visa is valid to return to the U.S., on top of the other hectic details of arranging for holiday travel. The list below is provided as general information required for H-1B stamping based on the current requirements. Of course, the requirements may change over time, or the officer may request specific additional information from you. Be sure to check the website of the consulate that you will go to for your visa application.

When you apply for your H-1B visa at the U.S. consulate, the documents you will need for H-1B stamping include:

  1. Original Form I-797A Approval Notice (this is not always required, but it's a good idea to bring it just in case);
  2. A passport, which should be valid for six months beyond the date of the H-1B approval;
  3. Form DS -160 Nonimmigrant Application barcode page;
  4. You will upload a photo while completing the DS-160 online; the photo must meet the requirements in this link;
  5. A copy of the package containing your H-1B petition sent to the USCIS (the consular officer should have access to this as well, but it's a good idea to bring a copy if possible);
  6. A current letter from your employer confirming your employment;
  7. You will need to pay a Machine Readable Visa Fee and may incur Reciprocity Fees depending on your country of origin; this is typically done when you submit the DS-160;
  8. Copies of pay stubs or other pay records from your current employer; and
  9. If you are placed a third-party client site, a copy of a letter confirming your placement from the end client, if possible.
  10. If your spouse or child is applying for a dependent visa, they will need proof of their relationship (marriage certificate or birth certificate).

The Consulate may also require:US Visa

  • Pay slips from most recent (prior) place of employment
  • Names and current phone numbers of your current and past supervisors
  • Photographs of the inside and outside of your employer's office space and/or client site (provided by the employer)
  • Personal bank records for the last six months
  • A photocopy of your degree and transcripts (sometimes consulates require the original)
  • A copy of your most recent resume or CV.

The consular officer may ask for additional information or documentation for your H-1B visa stamping as well, if they have a specific question or concern. Unfortunately it's not possible to fully predict every piece of information that the consular officer could request, but the documents listed above are generally a good starting point.

For more information on the H-1B visa, check out these pages.

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