How long will my case take if I use premium processing?

USCIS processing times are at a historic high, and immigration-related anxiety is too! It is understandable that people who are submitting US immigration cases would be anxious to have their case approved as soon as possible. USCIS offers a premium processing option for some types of cases, such as (but not limited to) H-1Bs, certain I-140 petitions, L-1s, etc. But how long will your case take if you file through premium processing?

It depends!

Once USCIS receives the premium processing request (the request can be included with the petition or application being filed, or you can “upgrade” the filing to premium processing after you file and have the receipt notice), USCIS has 15 calendar days to make a decision or issue a request for evidence (RFE).

If USCIS approves the case within the 15 days, then your answer is 15 days or less.

But if USCIS issues an RFE for the case, then the answer is more complex. USCIS usually allows the petitioner or applicant up to 87 days to respond to the RFE. How quickly you can respond to the RFE depends on a number of factors including how complex the RFE is, how quickly you can gather the required information and documents, etc. Once you have submitted the RFE response, USCIS has an additional 15 calendar days to make a decision on the case.

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