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Top Six Things an H-1B Employee Should Know

1. I’m in a different immigration status right now. Can I change status in to H-1B without leaving the US? You may be able to. If you are in J-1 status, you must confirm with your attorney that you are not subject to the two –year home residence… Read More
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Top Twelve Things an Employer Should Know about the H-1B

1. What is an H-1B visa? The H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant (meaning not permanent residence/green card) visa for professionals who hold specialty occupations. Specialty occupation is defined as a position that requires the “theoretical and practical… Read More
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Need an H-1B Petition? File Now to Beat the Cap!

USCIS reports that as of 10/21/2011, approximately 46,200 H-1B petitions have been received for the 2012 fiscal year. This means that only around 13,000 H-1B petitions remain for this fiscal year. Further, 20,000 petitions have been received for the… Read More
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