Ting C

Sumner Immigration is the professional, responsible, and efficient law firm I have worked with so far. I applied 3 times H-1B visa during the past three years. I got the H-1B lottery on my last chance which was helped by Emily and her team. It still feels like a miracle. But I believe without Emily and her team’s help, it’s possible that the miracle won’t happen forever. At the beginning of the applying process, we faced many obstacles for my H-1B application. I even thought I couldn’t get the visa and I prepared to leave the country. But Emily and her team were always there to provide the best professional advice and optimistic vision to my boss and me. She was not only my lawyer but also a supportive friend on my side. During the process, she guided us to go through the application process step by step clearly and solidly. There wasn’t any misunderstanding and delayed updates. She showed her high standard of professional experience; she understood her client’s pain point and would fight for her client to solve the problem no matter how complicated the situation. Her team always provided us with the newest updates of my application and answered any questions we had. I got the visa successfully without even had the RFE process. I am so glad to work with Sumner Immigration and I really appreciated all the great efforts Emily and her team did for my case.