Visa Bulletin Predictions - June 2017

In June, Charlie Oppenheim, the "man behind the curtain" for the visa bulletin spoke with AILA and provided the following insights and predictions for green cards:

EB-1 China and India: this category will not be current again until October 1, 2017

EB-2 Worldwide: A cut-off date will be established in the August visa bulletin! This category is usually current, meaning if you fall into this category, it's usually possible to file the I-140 petition and the I-485 concurrently. Individuals who are filing in the National Interest Waiver (NIW) category often chose to file concurrently. If you are planning to file an NIW in the near future, this doesn't meant that you cannot file in August. You can still file the NIW I-140 petition in August, but you won't be able to file the I-485 until October 2017.

EB-2 India: There will be minimal movement in this category. Charlie predicts that the best case scenario is that the final action date for this category will advance to Sept or Oct 2008 by the end of this fiscal year (remember the new fiscal year starts October 1).

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