Automated I-94: Print-Out Guide for Obtaining Driver’s License, Social Security and More

As we posted earlier this month, Customs and Border Protection is in the process of automating the I-94 process. Some other government agencies use the I-94 to verify a foreign national’s immigration status before granting benefits such as a driver’s license or social security number. These agencies may not be familiar with the new I-94, which in some instances may be printed on plain paper and may not look like the I-94s issued by CBP at the airport that they are used to seeing.

One of our “best practice” pointers from the prior post was to present the CBP notice about the new process. Another document that may be helpful is the new CBP I-94 Quick Reference Guide, which can be found here (it’s a download): This guide has photos of various types of I-94s, clearly labeled by type, and should be helpful to any officials you may be working with at the DMV, SSA or other agencies.

Happy applying!