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Form I-944 Fun: The Latest Update from USCIS

The Form I-944 relating to Trump’s “new” requirements on the public charge has been required for most adjustment of status filings, then not required, and all over the place in between due to ongoing federal litigation for most of 2020. We last… Read More
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Extending visitor’s visa status – options for the Covid-Era

The past several months, we have fielded lots of questions about what to do when a family member is visiting in the US on a visitor’s visa (B-1/B-2) and cannot return to their home country when they originally planned due to the pandemic. Let’s s… Read More
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USCIS Furlough: What Will Happen?

USCIS has reportedly emailed notice to thousands of USCIS employees that they may be furloughed beginning August 3, 2020. The agency says that they are facing a budget shortfall, and that if they don’t receive emergency funding of $1.2 billion from… Read More
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Want to vote in 2020? It may not be too late to naturalize!

As you may have noticed, the 2020 presidential election campaigns are gearing up! The November 2020 presidential election is sure to be a historical vote, regardless of the outcome, and the right to vote and have a voice in our democracy is one of th… Read More
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New Public Charge Rule: September 2019 Update

The public charge rule was announced a little less than a month ago, and will take effect October 15th, 2019. We wrote about the rule when it the final rule was announced, and we now have some additional information, which we’re sharing below. What… Read More
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New Public Charge Rule is Here: Brace Yourselves (and consider filing now)!

The information below may significantly impact many types of US immigration filings, including green card applications (both ones filed from within the US, and ones filed through consular processing), as well as nonimmigrants (H-1B, L, E, etc) in cer… Read More
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Can I Enter the US to Get Married?

Here at Sumner Immigration Law, we love helping clients with family-based immigration cases! It’s so rewarding to help families come up with and execute an immigration strategy to help them meet their personal, family, and professional goals. O… Read More
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Visa Bulletin Prediction: July 2019 & Beyond!

The AILA Department of State liaison committee has recently met with Charlie Oppenheim, the man behind the curtain of the visa bulletin. This is a summary of what Charlie’s visa bulletin crystal ball is saying right now: Family-Based Categories… Read More
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Applying for US citizenship or a green card? Be ready to travel!

USCIS announced today that in an effort to improve processing times for the N-400 (used to apply for naturalization) and I-485 (used to apply for the adjustment of status/permanent residence), they are re-distributing work to different field offices,… Read More
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Receipt Notices for Green Cards: The I-751 Receipt Notice vs. The I-90 Receipt Notice

The question of the differences in the types of receipt notices for green card “renewals” is not exactly a riveting topic, but when it comes time to use that receipt notice for documentation of work authorization or to travel and re-enter the US,… Read More
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Great news for those applying for naturalization to become a US citizen! USCIS will now continue to use the 2008 version of the civics test. In the last days of the Trump administration, USCIS announced that they would use a longer and harder version… Read More
By Nikita Hernandez, Sumner Immigration Law Paralegal It’s official! You’ve become Mr. or Mrs. and want to take on your spouse’s name while getting your US permanent residence situated, but when is the best time to do that? APPLYING FOR A NAME… Read More
One of the most common questions that we receive from our clients is about case processing time. The USCIS and DOL estimated case processing times are available online, but that source can be frustrating as they sometimes give a wide range of timefra… Read More

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“I have engaged Ms. Sumner to assist me in obtaining an immigrant petition (permanent resident status). This has been fulfilled successfully (July 2011 – Oct 2012) with receiving my green card one week ago. Ms. Sumner’s work during this ti… Read More"
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“We hired Ms. Sumner’s firm to file my Green Card application. Ours was not a complicated case but our decision to hire an attorney was to ensure that we completed all the paperwork (there were quite a few forms including one that we were not aw… Read More"
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