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When Will I Ever Get My Green Card?!

What Happened to the October Visa Bulletin? The October visa bulletin was posted earlier this week. Earlier this summer, Department of State officials anticipated that: The EB-2 priority dates for “all other countries” (other than China, India, M… Read More
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Big Opportunity Coming in October for Your Green Card Filing - Get Started Now!

The new fiscal year starts in October for USCIS and Department of State, and with the fresh fall weather comes fresh opportunities for green cards. As always, there will be a limited number of green cards available, and the season starts soon! In Oct… Read More
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Thinking of Filing for a Fast-Track Green Card? Strategies for the Visa Bulletin Blues

It is old news by now that the June visa bulletin shows that the EB-2 category for China & India show “U” for unavailable. This means that no one born in India and China can file in the EB-2 category (unless you qualify for cross-char… Read More
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Help! I think my priority date may never become current!

With the visa bulletin showing major retrogressions, and unavailability in some categories, many foreign nationals may be reconsidering their employment-based permanent residence strategies. In fact, this is a great time to re-evaluate and develop a… Read More
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Some I-485 Application for Permanent Residence Filings Rejected in Error

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has just reported that several I-485 applications for permanent residence have been improperly rejected by USCIS. Apparently, on April 30th there was a processing problem that caused the incorrect r… Read More
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AILA Citizenship Day is Coming to Richmond!

Each year, the American Immigration Lawyers Association sponsors “Citizenship Day” in which workshops are held at various sites around the country to assist permanent residents to apply for citizenship on a pro bono basis (i.e. for free).… Read More
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What is the current AAO processing time?

The Administrative Appeals Office adjudicates immigration cases that have been appealed from a denial by USCIS. If an immigration filing is denied, the applicant or petitioner may sometimes have the option of appealing the decision, or of re-filing a… Read More
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How many publications do I need to file for EB-1?

Are you considering filing an EB-1 petition as an alien of extraordinary ability, or outstanding researcher or professor? Or a National Interest Waiver petition? If so, one of the key elements to consider in preparing your petition is the number of p… Read More
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Department of Labor Confirms University Professors and Instructors Require Prevailing Wage Determinations

The DOL has recently posted a “FAQ” to clarify that university professors and instructors using the “special handling” option for the PERM labor certification must still obtain a prevailing wage determination before filing the… Read More
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What is a priority date?

In most cases, there are three major factors that determine how soon an applicant for permanent residence status will receive the green card: The country he/she was born in. The family-based or employment-based category (see below). The priority date… Read More
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The November visa bulletin is out, and with it brings a flurry of questions about I-485 filing strategies! The top question we are receiving right now is: Can I file multiple I-485 applications? The EB-2 India priority dates for both final action and… Read More
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