CBP Eliminates Entry Stamps

CBP has recently announced that the agency will no longer issue entry stamps when a foreign national enters the U.S.. They have made this change to further streamline the entrance process.

The entry stamp is a stamp that a CBP officer stamps in a foreign national's passport that indicates the place of entry, the type of visa (or travel document) used to enter, the date of entry, and the date until which the person has been granted to stay in the U.S.. This information is also contained in a person's I-94 record, which is now produced online. However, our team and other immigration professionals and foreign nationals have long-used the entry stamp as additional documentation to cross-reference a person's entry into the U.S.. Sometimes the I-94 entry is not made (in error) or it has erroneous information, and the entry stamp has been a great way to confirm past entry details.

We have always recommended that a foreign national double-check their I-94 information as soon as they enter the U.S., but now this is more important than ever, since CBP will be phasing out the entry stamp. If you notice an error, it is possible to have CBP correct the details.

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